Saturday, January 30, 2010

Blog Sale!

Between the fact that I'm moving in 2 weeks, I've been purchasing too much lately, and some of my fabulous items aren't getting the attention they deserve, I think it's time to pare down a bit (or at least make room for more)! These are all items that I've purchased myself, many of which I really love and think are fabulous, but just are not getting much use and I'm trying a ruthless/take no prisoners approach about what to part with. Most have been used just a few times, some only once, and all are in great condition, exactly as pictured. Please feel free to ask questions!

1. Rock and Republic Blush in Spank- retails for $40. This is a huge, heavy, hockey-puck sized luxe blush in a soft pink color. Works on any skintone, used 2x.

2. Shu Uemura Palette filled with Eye Shadows in M Beige 800, P Brown 853, IR Gold 350 and the famous ME Brown 850; Blushes in M Amber 83, M Amber 85. Teeny dip in M Beige 800, tiny nick in P Brown 853 from putting it in the palette, other colors used twice (accurately reflected in the picture). Retails for almost $150!

3. Chantecaille Lip Chic in Ceylon- retails for $30. A stunning, smooth, creamy browned berry in chic packaging. Used 2x.
4. Becca Soft Touch Blush in Malika- a light sparkling peach that retails for $32. Used 4x. Small dent/nick.
5. Dolce & Gabbana Crayon Intense Eye Liner in Stromboli- retails for $29. Used twice. A black with gold shimmer/sparkle, from the glamourous, hard to find line. Black eye liners just do not work with my super pale skin!
6. Josie Maran Cream Blush in Sunrise- this is a soft pink that retails for $22. Used 3x.
7. Clinique Brush On Cream Liner in Bronze- this was a limited edition shade that sold out. It's still very creamy, just as when it was first opened. Retailed for $14.50. Used a few times but vast majority of product is left. 8. Chantecaille Luminous Eye Liner in Pianissimo- used 2x, this is a shimmery charcoal liquid liner with blue violet tones. Super pretty and unusual! Retails for $22.9. MAC Tendertone in Deep Sigh- this was the most pigmented shade of the balmy-rich Tendertones. A sheer bronze with multi-color sparkle. Used 2x. Retailed for $14.50 and no longer available.
10. Sephora Electro Liners in Copper Electro and Khaki Electro- Each used 2x, a metallic copper with gold shimmer and a metallic deep green with gold shimmer respectively. Retailed for $6 each.

11. Bare Escentuals A Touch of Sun Kit- with A Little Sun Bronzer and Fan Brush- used 2x. Retails for $28. The perfect bronzer--a tan with a hint of pink to replicate a natural sunburn. And the brush is perfect for bronzer.

12. Giorgio Armani Eye Shadow 39- used once. an unusual greyed taupey green. Retails for $28.

13. Lipstick Queen Oxymoron in Honest Politician- this matte/gloss hybrid is a flattering pink brown and works for lips and cheeks. Used 3-4 times and retails for $20.14. Rock and Republic Eye Shadow in Exile- used 2x and still in box. This is a gorgeous amber shimmer with the smoothest texture. A huge amount of product and the metallic is amazing. Retails for $28.15. Bobbi Brown Eye Essentials Palette with Bone, Taupe and Mahogany- perfect neutrals. Small dip in Bone, Taupe used 3 times, Mahogany used 3 times wet. Brushes will be wshed and included. Retailed for $40.16. Hourglass Calligraphy Liquid Eye Liner in Indigo- retails for $32, used 4x. A deep, inky warmish navy.
17. Lancome Color Design and Eye and Face Palette- a super gorgeous versatile palette, but I have most of the shades as singles! Retailed for $48, it contains blushes in famous Cedar Rose and Shimmer Mocha Havana and Shadows in Burnt Sand, Designer, Fall Taupe, Latte, Chic and Statuesque. Teeny dip in Latte (a bone shade), other shadows used twice, blushes new.18. Becca Shimmer Powder in Mermaid- the most unusual and interesting mushroom grey green gold iridescent. Billed as a face highlighter (it's more flattering than it sounds!) it also works well on eyes. Used 3x--container looks completely full. Retails for $20.19. Bobbi Brown Rosebud Shimmer- this shade has been discontinued. It's a soft pink with a silver frost and a hint of champagne. Used 3x. Retails for $22.20. 100% Pure Wine Pigmented First Crush Eye Palette- naturally but highly pigmented. Used 1-3x each. Retails for $32.
21. LORAC Lip Liner in 06- a nude mauve plum brown. Used 2x, looks brand new. Retails for $16.22. Estee Lauder Eye Pencil Duo in Plum Grey- used 3x. Retails for $23.50. A soft greyed plum in a smooth, twist up formula with a smudger on the other end.
23. Giorgio Armani Sheer Cream Blush 1- a shimmery apricot brinze with soft white and gold shimmer. This is a drier textured cream blush--unusual but works very well, even on oily skin. Retails for $40 and used 3x.24. Chanel Rouge Allure Lipstick in Emotion- a perfect wash of pink in the signature pop up case. Used 3x and retails for $30.
25. Stephane Marais Lipstick 3- This extremely hard to find but adored line was stocked at Henri Bendel and was sadly discontinued. This lipstick is a warm nude pink with some brown. Retailed for $22 and used once.26. Chantecaille Gloss in Flirt- retails for $28, used 2x. A sheer but bright, happy warm pink with a bit of coral.
27. Lancome Le Crayon Lip Liner in Caramel- retails fro $22.50, this automatic lipliner was used 2x and a is a caramel pink nude.
28. Benefit Silky Finish Lipstick in Bouquet Dive- a shimmery bronze with pink. Used 1-2x. Retails for $18.29. Lancome Le Rouge Absolu Lipstick in Dolce- the perfect nude! Retails for $26, used 1x. I have a backup and realized it's time to let go!
30. Lancome Color Design Blush in Freeze Frame (Shimmer)- this is a pearly highlighter in a gold-shimmered shell champagne color. Retails for $27. Used 2-3x.31. MAC Lipstick in Lollipop Lovin'- the famous peachy pink with green iridescence! Used only 1x. Discontinued, sought-after and retails for $14.
32. Korres Mango Butter High Shine Lipstick in Natural Purple- used 2x, this is a sheer plum berry. There is a small mark on the back of the lipstick that is evident in the photos. Retails for $18.

Phew! Ideally I'd prefer to sell the whole lot at once for $125 + actual shipping (via Paypal only), but will accept other reasonable offers. This lot retails for over $917 (O.M.G.). Everything will come beautifully packaged and include a ton of extras! I have perfect ebay feedback that I'd be happy to provide. If you're interested, please post in the comments or email! Thank you!


  1. hi please email me, i am interested in both the R&R blush and shadow, as well as Lancome Lipstick (dolce) and eye & cheek palette.

    Thank you! lizdonskaya[at]gmail[dot]com
    I'd like to chat more, I'm confused, you want to sell EVERYTHING for a total of $125? wow that's awesome, please email me asap, i'll email you this comment as well - so which ever you see first, thanks xoxo

  2. If above falls through, i will take everything! Please email me @! X

  3. Hi again, please ignore above comment about taking everything. Upon a second scroll through i realise i was a bit hasty, ha! I live in the UK also and have realised postage fees would be rather terrible! Very sorry! X

  4. Hi there! I'd be interested in buying the shu palette if you are willing to split it up! Please let me know? Thanks!

  5. Hi,

    I'm also interested in several items, please let me know what's left!

  6. Hi, am wondering if you've
    decided what you're going to do
    about selling your super collection?

    Has it been sold? Anything still
    available? Will you be posting
    information on your blog or by email

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