Saturday, January 16, 2010

Ellis Faas Milky Eyes Review

I have to admit, I am not as enamored of my Ellis Faas Milky Eyes as I am of the Milky Lips, though it is partly my own fault. The concept behind both products is the same--a semi-sheer, stain-like effect in a fluid texture. Whereas the Milky Lips has a brush applicator, Milky Eyes has a flocked "showerhead" tip (to use the parlance of the brand), that, in my opinion, does not work very well for evenly dispersing the product on the lid and into the crease. Thus, I have to dispense the Milky Eyes onto the top of my hand or allow it to flow through the tip and use my fingers or a brush to apply.

The shade I chose is E209, and this is where I believe I may be partly to blame for my ambivalence toward the product--its quite a plain, boring shade. E209 is a warm peachy beige that happens to create a clean, polished look all on it's own, but is easily duplicated by a myriad of other products, (an example of such being Laura Mercier Eye Basics in Wheat) at a fraction of the price. However, the shade is not the sole problem. My other qualm is that while I expected a translucent product based on the description, E209 is really quite sheer and takes several "coats" for the color to really show up at all, even on my fair skin. It takes a good 3-4 clicks of product to produce my desired effect and at $36 for the Milky Eyes, those are some expensive clicks! I was hoping for the sheer, soft, stained wash of peachy beige and it is achievable, it just takes a lot of layering for the peach to show up at all. Oddly, it shows up on my hand pretty well when swatches, it just doesn't translate the way on the eyes.

Overall, I think that the shade is flattering, the texture is lovely and the product lasts quite well. I believe that with a different applicator and either slightly more pigment or in a different shade, I'd like the Ellis Faas eye products more. I haven't written of the line yet and do want to try the Creamy Eyes in E104 before I do.

With Flash (heavily applied):
Without Flash (heavily applied):
Blended out just a bit:


  1. Thanks for your honest review--oh, dear! I'll look forward to your review of the E104....

  2. I'm more of a creamy eyes fan :)

    thanks for the review, it's hard to find much on the web about ellis faas since it's still relatively new :)

  3. I prefer the Creamy eyes too. I have this in E203 and it's hard to get the coverage just right.

  4. I need to use my fingers or a brush to apply--the built in applicator does not work well in my opinion.



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