Thursday, January 28, 2010

Paul and Joe Manicure of the Week

I've been trying to let my nails "breathe" for the last week or so because they're in pretty bad shape--breaking, peeling and brittle. I have no science to back me up but for some reason I really think that's the damage was cause by all of the glitter-laden polishes I've been wearing lately. After a week of bare nails and judicious applications of cuticle oil, I think they're on the mend.

Paul and Joe Nail Enamel 04 (Provence) is a super pretty, very sheer, iridescent shimmery nude pink with a hint of mauve. It has the same perfumey smell as the Lipstick mixed with the characteristic nail polish scent. (Since I've never heard anyone mention the odor of the nail polish or lipstick before, I'm beginning to wonder if the ability to detect the signature Paul and Joe scent is a recessive trait similar to the ability of one to smell the bitter almond of cyanide. But I digress...)

This is 3 coats as the shade is sheer, but builds nicely. It went on smoothly and evenly. At $14 it isn't the most cost-effective polish, but it if wears well I'd definitely consider purchasing additional shades, especially since the bottle is so gosh darn cute! Overall, this is a nice, natural look.


  1. Glitter polishes are hard on my nails too. Removing them requires a lot of remover and effort and I think thats what causes my nails to peel.

    Also it took me two or three manicures to notice the scent in P&J's polishes. I kept smelling something floral, but I wasn't expecting it to be the polish. I like the scent though.

  2. I agree there is a characteristic smell in all Paul and Joe stuff, but I kinda like it.. it reminds me of the Beauty level at Bergdorfs!! I just got this nailpolish too!! :)

  3. Enjoy it! I thought I was going crazy there for a bit and was the only one who could smell it!



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