Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sara Happ The Lip Scrub

It's finally that time of year when NYC hits what seem to be Arctic-like temperatures, especially the closer you get to the water (and luckily I live right by it!). In addition to dissuading me from leaving my apartment unless extremely necessary (i.e. work and shopping), the harsh wind and frigid temperatures dry out my hands and lips terribly, leaving them both parched and flaky. I purchased The Lip Scrub by Sara Happ ($24) from Blue Mercury in the hopes that it would prove more effective than a baby toothbrush and warm water and making my lips smooth and ready for lipstick again.

The Lip Scrub comes in seven enticing flavors (Creme Brulee is limited edition) and I selected Brown Sugar which tastes just as you'd expect based on the name. The product has a thick, paste-like consistency and consists of exfoliating sugar crystals suspended in a base of moisturizing ingredients. You rub the product on your lips in a circular motion and then wipe it off with a tissue (due to the oils in The Lip Scrub rinsing it off is of no avail). You are then supposed to "wonder how you ever lived without it," though try as I might to adore this, I didn't find the results any better than I get with just a toothbrush. I've used it multiple times and am still waiting to be astounded. For $24, I can't say that the product is worth it to me, though it does feel like an enchanting indulgence with the adorable packaging and delectable scents. If you've used The Lip Scrub I'd love to hear your thoughts! Perhaps I'm using it wrong (though who knew there was a learning curve for lip scrubs)?

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  1. This product sounds exactly like what I need today! :)

    Also, I've awarded you a 'tag' in 'Seven Random Things' on my relatively recent blog, Cafe Makeup, if you are interested in participating.... Love to know more about the great beauty bloggers!



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