Thursday, January 28, 2010


I'm leaving for LA on Sunday for a business trip and I've never been there before! Is there anywhere I should be sure to go? Is there anything beauty-wise I can get there that isn't available in NYC? I need some shopping help!

I'll be staying in Century City, supposedly just a few minutes from Rodeo Drive but will not have access to a car other than a taxi. I can't wait to trade today's snow boots in for sandals (when I'm not working)!


  1. Hmmm - all the places I'd suggest are places you probably already have in NY! If you like cupcakes, the Sprinkles Bakery in Beverly Hills is a must visit for me. I'll email my friend who lives in LA for recs and try to get back to you!

  2. The Santa Monica Pier is a very nice place to visit and spend an afternoon (I'm a huge fan of flying kites on the beach); It's about a 20 min taxi ride from Century City. As far as shopping goes I think just about anything you can get in LA can also be found in NY, so sorry no help there.

  3. You can try going to Fred Segal in Santa Monica (within walking distance of the Santa Monica Pier), which has hard to find brands though not necessarily things you couldn't find in NY.



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