Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Makeup Fail

I didn't sleep all that much last night and realized before I left the house today that I wasn't looking my absolute best, and yet didn't expect the first coworker I encountered this morning to greet me with "oh my gosh, are you okay? You look awful." Total makeup fail. I normally love all of the items I wore today but I suppose I should have gone with less gray on the eyes and a deeper, brighter blush! (I did also have eye liner and mascara on).
Clockwise from top:
Prescriptives Blush More or Less Creamy Cheek Color in Pink Sand
Benefit Velvet Eye Shadow in Fawn Over Me
Bobbi Brown Creamy Lip Color in Baby
Urban Decay Matte Eye Shadow in Shakedown


  1. oh no! comments like that from coworkers aren't particularly helpful are they? what are you supposed to say to a comment like that?!

    I love the look of those products, greys and pinks, perfect!

  2. When people say such things it's honestly one of my hugest pet peeves. I would never in a million years tell any one they look tired or awful. It's such a demeaning thing to say, especially if you are tired and/or you do feel awful. I have actually chewed out many a co worker when they tell me I look tired. They always get an earful-lol. :)

    Monica/3blindmice on emmu



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