Friday, January 8, 2010

Kevyn Aucoin Mini Haul

When Kevyn Aucoin was on sale at Hautelook two weeks ago, I purchased the Essential Eye Shadow Set Palette #1 and the Flesh Toned Lip Pencil in Neutral in a total state of ennui--I didn't really want or need them, but I was feeling a bit blah and by the time I knew it, I had an order confirmation in my inbox. Call it fugue shopping! I wasn't eagerly anticipating their arrival but I have to say, now that I've received them, I'm really glad I made the purchase! The shadow palette is a great collection of basics that appear versatile and perfect for travel. There is a shimmery vanilla, a slightly shimmered soft toasty taupe, a yellow brown with a hint of mustard, a shimmery charcoal and a softly frosted pinky peach that is quite similar to Trish McEvoy Golden Apricot.
With Flash:
Without Flash:
The lip pencil is a mauve brown that is a bit darker than I had expected but I think will prove versatile.

I can't say that I'd go out and pay the full $55 for another shadow palette or $24 for the lip liner, but with more and more stores clearing out the line, if you find either of these items (or the Eyelash Curler) on sale I suggest picking them up.


  1. I worry for this line, you know I was always a big Kevyn Aucoin fan and I love the line. Palette #1 is a gem - it doesn't look terribly interesting, but it is so flattering.

  2. Yes, I'm worried about it too, Grace. When I was at Bergdorfs yesterday I went to make sure that they are still stocking the full range and full price and they are, which is a small good sign! I can't wait to try the palette--hopefully today!



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