Monday, February 1, 2010

Greetings from LA!

Wow! Coming from the freezing, windy cold of New York City to the sunny, warmth of LA has been a very plesant experience, I have to say! I got in last night and prompty went right to the Century City Mall before they closed. It's a good thing it's within walking ditance of my hotel since my much-beloved Nude Skincare Facial Cleansing Wash leaked on the plane and I'm loathe to go without it. I picked up a spare at Sephora.

My shopping rule for this trip was to only buy things I am unable to get in New York, or are at such a good price I am required by the "shopping code" to buy them immediately. The shopping code kicked in last night when I found a pair of Via Spiga patent flats in my size at Bloomingdales marked down from $165 to $45.

Today I spent the afternoon walking around Beverly Hills. Before I left for LA I asked everyone what I absolutely HAD to do out here and the consensus was A. Sprinkles Cupcakes and B. Garlic Noodles at Crustaecean. I was hesistant about Sprinkles since I'm such a fan of Crumbs Cupcakes but I have to say, the Sprinkles are delish! I had a banana with dark chocolate frosting and a lemon with lemon vanilla frosting. Yes, I ate two and I never do that! They are that good! The garlic noodles are also yummy and when they say garlic, they mean it! Wow!

Two observations: First, no one walks around here. No one. I walked to the mall last evening and was literally the only person I saw on the sidewalks at all. This morning, I asked the concierge if it was possible to walk to Beverly Hills and he looked at me like and had two heads and responded "It's over a mile and a half!" I walk that distance just to and from the subway to get to work in the morning so I thought that this was pretty funny! I also noticed that no one crosses against the light here at all, and jaywalking is practically the official sport of NYC. I got quite a few looks crossing the street against the light today!

I did pick up a few cosmetic items that I can't easily get at home (the Nude cleanser doesn't count!) and will post about them in a bit.


  1. Hi! Turns out my friend lives in a different part of LA and isn't so familiar with Beverly Hills. But you're in the right area.

    Yes, LMAO - I'm about 2 hours south of where you are and NOBODY walks here either. And I live near the beach, lol. There's a Barneys and Saks and Neimans all next to each other on Wilshire. Yes - us Californians are spoiled, you will rarely see us take taxis or walk somewhere that is 10 minutes away when it can take us 2 minutes to get there by car.

    Please don't jaywalk - you will get run over FOR SURE.

    Can't wait until you get back home so we can see your haul. But have fun on your trip!!!

  2. Oh, yes, and so glad you liked Sprinkles! Hope you didn't have to wait in line that long. Glad you found it b/c it can be a bit tough to find/notice.

    I usually have to wait 20-30 minutes in line before I can get in, but each time it's been totally worth the wait. Most of my friends can't understand it :)



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