Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Julie Hewett at the SAG Awards (+ Coupon Code)!

I love Julie Hewett products, from the Cheekies to the ginger-scented glosses. The products create a sophisticated, polished look, and so I wasn't at all surprised when I saw that Julie had done Sandra Bullock's makeup for the SAG Awards--I thought Sandra looked amazing that night! Here is the breakdown (all products available on Julie's website:-Skin was prepped with Cucumber Water
-Ora Mineral Mix 1.5 was buffed onto Sandra's face with Julie's Kabuki Brush
-The New Omit Concealer was used in Medium
-A custom 4 pan palette with powder shadows in Hitchcock, Runway and Vita and Goldie Shimmie were used on the eyes, which were completed with Soot Eye Pencil and Rose Scented Mascara
-Jami Cheekie was used on the cheeks (it's the one in the bottom right corner)
-Nude Noir Matte and Sophia gloss shaded the lips.

With all of the Julie Hewett products I tried, I haven't found a dud yet! Until February 14th, Julie's site is offering 15% off all purchases with code VAL15. I'm contemplating the new concealer and lipsticks in Edie and Simone. Enjoy!


  1. I need the omit pencil and want the new bronzer but I have so much already that I am beginning to reason with myself. LOL Have you tried the reformulated eyeshadows? They are so nice!

  2. Hi, Olivia! I haven't tried the reformulated shadows yet--I'm sure I will eventually. Have you tried the new concealer? Should I go with Edie,Biba or Simone lipsticks?



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