Friday, January 29, 2010

Five Recent Rediscoveries

When you frequently buy new makeup products, often old favorites tend to fall by the wayside. Over the last few days I was determined to get back to using some items I hadn't worn in a while. Here of some products I rediscovered in my collection and was really pleased with this week:

  • Lancome Miel Glace Blush Subtil- this soft shimmery pinky bronzy beige hadn't been used in quite a while and now that I've rediscovered it, I remember why it's such a highly praised blush among makeup aficionados. It's a great everyday blush whether you're pale or simply want a subtle look (I guess it's obvious that I don't use those little in-compact applicators!).
  • Laura Mercier Black Violet Kohl Eye Pencil- black is too harsh with my fair skin and light eyes, but plums and purples don't always provide enough contrast or drama. Black Violet is absolutely the best of both worlds--a deep dark violet shimmer married to a sooty black--with an unbeatable formula. This liner glides on and wears well on me. Amazing on the waterline as well!
  • MAC Grain Eye Shadow-I am not the biggest MAC fan, but I spotted Grain in a Company Store (the invite-only version of the Cosmetic Company Outlet) and had to have it. It's a pretty peachy beige shimmer with a hint of taupe in the pan, but is even more flattering when applied than you'd expect. It really brightens up my whole eye and is perfect for a quick, polished look.
  • Laura Mercier Stickgloss in Brown Sugar- this is a soft beigey brown mauve in a sheer, moisturizing base. A perfect go-to for work and works very well with Miel Glace.
  • Kiehls Vanilla Essence- this tiny vial holds an ultra-concentrated perfume oil. Many vanillas give me a migraine but this doesn't. Kiehls' Vanilla is not a complex fragrance. To me it's vanilla blended with a tiny hint of cherry and almond that I find warm, simple and comforting.


  1. Ahh...Miel Glace is my favorite blush of all time. Lancome really is an overlooked line among the makeup-obsessed community! Their blushes are fantastic, and if you can deal with the scent, they have amazing lipsticks too.

  2. I love rediscoveries! Miel Glace is a product I hear raved about all the time, it looks really lovely.

  3. Marley I totally agree about Lancome being overlooked! It doesn't hve some of the cache that other brands do (probably because it is part of the Estee Lauder/Clinique/Lancome trifecta available at every single store) but the quality of the products is fantastic from the mascaras to the blushes to the liners, etc.

    em, you should give Miel Glace a try--I bet it would look lovely on you!

  4. Yay for rediscoveries! I don't have so much makeup, so I know what I have, but I know that can change! Miel Glace is super pretty. I've tried it, and I love it!

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