Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Rococo Nail Apparel R2D2

I purchased Rococo Nail Apparel in Dollar back in December, telling myself that a $17 nail polish was a one-time-only treat. Lo and behold, I found myself buying yet another Rococo polish last week. Space NK was out of the shade I wanted, the brand new R2D2, and offered to ship it to me free of charge from another store. I received it today and along with the polish, they included an adorable little bag full of samples! A very nice touch, especially considering that it was a relatively small purchase and the shipping was free.

R2D2 is part of the line's new Star Wars collection. This shade is a very unusual molten metallic glittery taupey champagne. I've never seen another shade quite like this one--it's absolutely dazzling when the light hits it which unfortunately seems to be impossible to capture with a camera. I love that R2D2 is kind of funky and trendy and yet at the same time perfectly acceptable for work, even in a conservative environment. If this shade lasts as well as Dollar does, I'll be a happy camper! (I also highly recommend the Space NK on the Upper West Side. Fabulous customer service).

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  1. OMG!!
    Funky and classy all in 1 ...



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