Monday, August 31, 2009

Rock & Republic Cosmetics-Blushes and Lips

Rock & Republic is a company probably best known for 2 things: jeans and an outlandishly priced $225 bronzer. When the line debuted the bronzer in the crystal-adorned case was featured in numerous magazines and on QVC and the uproar on beauty boards over the price seemed to eclipse the fabulous quality and more reasonable prices of the other products. Don't get me wrong--these babies are not cheap--shadows are $28, powder blush is $40, pressed powder is $44, mascara is $28--but the eye shadows and blushes are simply some of the best I've ever tried. The formulas and smooth and creamy and blend like a dream. The packaging is heavy, super luxe, and just makes you feel special. Even the boxes are spectacular. I've managed to amass quite a little collection, which I'll cover over a few posts. Click on the pictures to enlarge.

The Imitate mousse blushes are currently available in 3 shades, and I have 2 of them. The texture is a light, airy, whipped mousse that easily blends onto the cheek and morphs to resemble skin. Quickie looks pale baby aspirin orange in the pot but blends to a soft peach with a hint of glimmer.

Rumor is a neutral to warm light rose.

These retail for $28 each.

The powder blushes are real stars. They are enormous and the packaging is heavy enough to hurt a toe should you unfortunately drop one! The powder blushes are $40 each but are significantly larger than most blushes--I can't see ever using one up! The blushes may look merely pretty in the pan, but it's the way the blend on the skin that is truly amazing. They create a sophisticated yet girlish glow that would enhance anyone's complexion! Spank has an unbelievably smooth texture and is a pale cloud pink that looks cool in the pot, but neutral on the skin.

Call Me is the must-have blush of the line. It's a peachy-pink shimmer a la NARS Orgasm but less pink and with no chunky sparkle.

I also received a mini of the line's wand lip gloss in Vacant as a gift with purchase. The colors are smooth and creamy and paraben-free, which I really appreciate. Vacant is a sheer softly brown nude. These are $26 each and very nice but not knock-your-socks-off, gotta-have-it wonderful.

Within the Rock & Republic line is the Noir Collection, consisting of 2 eye shadow palettes at $65 each and 2 potted lip glosses that come with a retractable lip brush and clock in at $35 for the set. The packaging of the gloss is heavy! The case is a weighted metal with a small magnet to keep the flip top lid closed and the pair comes packaged in a large chic presentation case. I have Confession, a soft mauvey pink with lovely shimmer.

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  1. Ah... I want those blushes! Will you be having it up for sale any time? :) Please let me know... very interested :)



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