Saturday, December 12, 2009

Some Trish McEvoy

Ahhh Trish. Such love, such frustration. Trish McEvoy products were my first high end makeup obsession and the line remains one of my favorites. The quality is superb and the colors are infinitely wearable. This is the one line where every shade I try looks soft, natural and flattering on. The frustration stems from the many revamps the line has undergone in the last few years. When I began collecting, all of the shades had numbers instead of names, the shadows were large rounds pans, the face products large rectangles. The planners were large and had pages with cut outs sized appropriately for the different products. I bought a large planner and a number of pages and began to fill them, amassing a sizeable collection when all of a sudden, Trish switched to small squares pans for shadows and small rectangle ones for blushes! She came out with smaller planners, changed lipstick tubes, gloss tubes, brush handles, everything. The new shadows didn't fit in the old pans or pages and vice versa. But I persevered. Soldiered on. Said to heck with the old and bought a smattering of the newly sized products. And then she did it again. Again! The planner pages are different, the lipstick and gloss tubes were again revamped. Nothing matches which defeats the purpose of the planners and doesn't look so pretty!

While Trish McEvoy products are not cheap ($16 for shadows and liners, $20 for blush, $22 for lipstick, $22 to $25 for gloss, up to $68 for brushes), becoming a loyal devotee is actually economical given how seldom new products and shades are released. I also find that products are quickly discontinued with no warning.

Here are some of my favorite Trish McEvoy shadows and blushes.
The Eye Base Essentials at the bottom is in Vanilla. I alternate between this and Laura Mercier Eye Basics in Linen.
Blushes top to bottom: Weekend All Over Face Color, Sunkissed All Over Face Color, Perfect 1, Jolie
Shadows, clockwise from top left: Golden Apricot Glaze, Blackberry Granite Eye Definer, Sable Bronze Glaze, Kiwi Glaze, Shell Deluxe Matte, Raisin Glaze, Lilac Glaze.

A closer look at my two newest acquisitions, Golden Apricot Glaze and Blackberry Granite Definer, which is new to the line:
This is one of my most treasured makeup items, Trish's long-discontinued Face Kit in 23A. These were premade palettes of blush, shadow and liner all in one pan. Great for travel and took the guesswork out of putting together a cohesive look.
I've also gone through a number of tubes of Sheer Iced Mocha Glaze Lipstick and have many of her other lipsticks (and am still in mourning for the discontinued Sheer East Hampton). I have a few other shadows, blushes and face products, but these palettes, along with the Beauty Booster Gloss in Rosette remain my favorite and most used Trish items.


  1. I love Trish products too; the eyeshadows and definers are such nice textures and shades. It is so frustrating when a line changes the packaging, especially if they do it again in a short space of time!

  2. Another line I used to love until it became almost impossible to re-buy colors I liked.

  3. Aaaaahhh - Trish was my one of my first high-end loves too. I still have the original shadows and blushes in the round pan with numbers.

    Glad to know I'm not the only one who fell out of love, back in love, then back out again with her line.

    It's like a yo-yo with her products. As a customer, one can only tolerate so many "revamps" in packaging, design, formulas etc.

    Get it right the first time!!! That's what product testing and product development is for.

    I can't even begin to tell you how many versions I've seen of her "Sexy Lip Gloss."



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