Monday, April 5, 2010

Favorite Eye Shadow Brushes

I've been wanting to post about my favorite eye shadow brushes for quite a while, but I just cannot seem to take good pictures of them! Part of the problem is my hateful camera (though it's pretty much new so I'm unlikely to replace it any time soon) and the other part is that I don't find brush all that photogenic! :) Some of these brushes are relatively old but have stood the test of time very well thanks to good quality and regular washing, and others are somewhat new. Here is some information on my favorite face brushes as well. From left to right:

  • MAC 213- perfect for laying color down on the lid or applying to the lid and sweeping up into the crease. It's a very soft, light to medium density brush.
  • Rock & republic 202- unfortunately the barrel on this is so round that it absolutely will not lay flat for a photo! This tapers to a rounded point and is larger and much more dense than the MAC 213. I use it to apply lightly pigmented shadows or when I want a deep color payoff.
  • Chanel 3- one of my all time favorites! It applies shadow to the outer corner with ease and the chiseled tip allows for precise placement. A true staple.
  • Fresh 20 Eye Define- unfortunately this has been discontinued but it's the ultimate, perfect crease brush. It's the ideal shape for getting right into that space and is soft enough for blending colors out.
  • Stila Brush 5- this was probably my first high end brush almost 10 years ago and I still use it nearly every day! It is the perfect size, shape and density for laying down base color. A staple I wouldn't want to be without.
  • Chanel 12- I don't much about them but I really love the Chanel brushes I have, this one being no exception. It's very soft and fluffy and I use it to blend my shadow after application for a seamless look. the handle is nicely weighted and it feels and performs like a quality brush.


  1. I have that same Stila brush, and mine is so old! It is great for putting down a lot of product though. I need to check out the Chanel brushes - I am just getting into Chanel products, and it is an expensive habit. Thanks for the pictures and the reviews.

  2. Hi, Kathy! I'm glad you like your Stila 5 too! Definitely check out the Chanel brushes--in my opinion they're worth it!



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