Friday, April 16, 2010

A Great Cheap TJMaxx Find to Start the Weekend!

A TJMaxx opened recently near my apartment, and I stopped in today to check it out. I firmly believe that there are Loehmann's people and there are TJMaxx people, similar to the way hat there are glass half full and glass half empty people. Falling squarely in the Loehmann's camp, I did feel a twinge of guilt as I entered the store. I've read stories of shoppers people stumbling onto prestige brands like NARS at TJMaxx, but mine merely had some old Clinique and Philosophy. I hate to leave a store empty handed so I took a closer look at some of the beauty offerings and noticed this brush by Lilique. It's called the Shading Brush (medium).

When I went to Bergdorfs to place my Beauty Event pre-order yesterday, I really wanted to pick up the Edward Bess Luxury Eye Brush, but hesitated when I realized it was $40. To me that's the cost of a blush brush, not a small shadow brush. Lo and behold, in my opinion this Lilique brush is a decent dupe and cost all of a whopping $3.99! Now I have no idea what this thing is made of (it feels like natural hair), I doubt the bristles are hand-shaped like the Bess ones and this certainly doesn't come in a signature black box, but I saved $36 which nearly covered the cost of my Sephora haul from the other day. If you have a TJMaxx near you, it's worth a quick look to see if they carry this brush. It deposits a wash of color onto the lid and crease very nicely.

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