Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Edward Bess Mini Review

During the Bergdorf Goodman Beauty Event I picked up Edward Bess Eye Shadow in Intimate and Lipstick in Pule Impulse.

I have to admit that I was slightly disappointed in the eye shadow ($30) when I got it home. It wasn't that it's not a fabulous color (Intimate is a golden taupey brown with a hint of khaki), its just that no matter what I did, I couldn't get it to look like the murky grayed green it appeared when applied on me in the store. I tried different bases, different brushes, read different blog reviews...and then I realized that it was Dusk applied at the counter, not Intimate, and I came home with the wrong shadow! I quick pop into the store later, I had Dusk shadow in my hands and am a happy camper!

Dusk is similar to Intimate in that it's a complex blend of shades, but leans more towards the cooler, grayer side. A taupe-infused gray with shimmer in the pan, the shadow's clean undertones come out when applied. It blends wonderfully and looks great alone lash to crease or used with other colors. The shimmer is sophisticated but keeps the lids looking luminous and not crepey. A deep color can easily leave my eyes looking bruised, but this is the right mix of tones to create deep color without leaving me looking like I've lost a fight.

Pure Impulse ($32) is a great compliment to Dusk. It's a nude that leans slightly pinky peach on me. The closest shade I have to this is Bobbi Brown Blush (on the left below) which is inker, cooler, and has more beige. The lipstick has no shimmer but doesn't look thick and heavy on the lips the way some cream formulas can. It lasts decently well, leaving a slight stain behind, and smells of figs but I don't find it overwhelming or cloying. The case is a chic black that snaps closed well. I've worn the lipstick several times and it has not dried out my lips, though I would not describe the formula as slick or glossy. Pure Impulse is a great basic lipstick on days I want that "my lips but better" look.

Bobbi Brown Blush, left; Edward Bess Pure Impulse, right:


  1. The eyeshadow looks so pretty in the picture. Makes me "ooh" and "ahh"!

  2. I have Dusk too, its a gorgeous color! I want to try his lipsticks and lipglosses sometime soon.... :) So when's BG having their next gift card event..? Just kidding!!!!

  3. When I read the snippet in my blog reader I was all 'Oh no!' but I'm so glad you do like it! Dusk is a lovely eyeshadow - it doesn't look like you've been punched, just as you describe. I find the lipsticks very light on the lips, very comfortable. I do wish they weren't scented with fig though.

  4. I really like Dusk too, that lipstick shade looks really nice. There is quite a lot more things I want to get from this brand.

  5. LOL Lakshmi my tax return had better come in before then!

    Grace, I'm very happy now that I have the right shadow. Intimate just didn't have any 'oomph' on me but I can see it being just right on a different skin tone.

    Replica, I'm worried that it's addictive. I want the concealer next!

  6. Mmmmm, may I just take a moment to rhapsodize over the divine Mr. Bess? He had just opened his counter at BG when the Sniffa group had a perfume outing. I noticed this beautiful young guy, all alone, and I just HAD to go and chat with him. Ended up buying his wonderful red lippie and by then some of my fellow Sniffas had joined us. We had a wonderful time welcoming him and he fondly remembers our meeting. A lovely guy with a most charming manner. His good press is well deserved! SusanW

  7. For some reason, Pure Impulse shows orange/brown on me. I find that Secret Desire is more flattering although none of his lipstick colors really really wow me. I haven't tried any of his new shades though.

    Dusk is beautiful!

  8. Edward is very sweet and seems to have a great memory! Every time I'm at the counter he is greeting regular customer and recounting previous experiences.

    I agree that the colors are all very basic. Nothing super earth shattering but a nice array of neutrals. The newer shades are deeper but I don't really wear berry tones. Knowing me I'll end up with one anyway though!



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