Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What Would You Buy for $11?

I placed my Bergdorf Goodman Beauty Event preorder last week, and just found out today that the Le Metier de Beaute Fresh Creme Tint in Tenne that I ordered is out of stick, will not be restocked during the event, and cannot be charged and later sent, meaning that I need to select another item in its place to qualify for the $100 minimum. Right now I'm $11 short and having trouble coming up with something else, either another similar cream blush or another product altogether. me out! What would you buy?


  1. Well, I'm still at work plotting my BG visit and also trying to meet the DSW quota for the free bag with beach towel, LOL! BTW, sent you a reply.

    Me, I hate to spend a lot over to I would get a Clinique soap (without the dish) for $11. Don't know if they still carry the Becca line, but the Beach tint was always one of my faves. That's a bit more pricey, I think maybe $25.



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