Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Stila Twilight Shadow (or My Small Sephora Haul)

I really wanted the new Josie Maran sunscreen from Sephora but it's not yet stocked in any stores in the city. This meant that if I wanted to take advantage of the VIB 15% off, I'd have to place an online order and needed to spend an additional $18 to receive free shipping. Spend $18 to save $6. I know, it's perverse.

I've never worn a silver eye shadow in my life but all of a sudden I had a craving for one that I had to satisfy, kind of like when I pass Crumbs and I know that the last thing I need is a cupcake and yet I'm powerless to resist. After perusing Sephora for some time, I settled on Stila Twilight. [Just as an aside, when did Stila eye shadows become $18 for the pan with another $2 for the case? Back in my freshman year of college when my whole collection was Stila I think they were an extremely reasonable $14. I do not want to pay $20 for a shadow by a company that makes a talking lip palette, but maybe that's just my preference. The joke's on me though since I bought it anyway!]

This shadow has a really divine texture--smooth, creamy, and with enough pigment and shimmer to show up as silver and not grayish white, but not so much that my coworkers will think I've just come from a rave. (Do they have raves anymore? I have no idea. Man, I'm getting old). I did have some fading by the end of the day but I was using the primer that came in the Tarte 500 Point Perk Kit and not my usual lovely Laura Mercier Eye Basics so your mileage may vary. I wore it with a very, very thin line of black liner, black mascara, and soft peachy pink cheeks and lips (Paul and Joe 16 Face Color and 40 Lipstick) and it was a very nice look overall, and different for me.

I've only used it once so it's too early for a full review, but I really liked the Josie Maran sunscreen today. Look for a review in a week or so. I'm also kind of enamored of the Tarte 500 Point Perk Kit. If that's still available when you place your Sephora order, it's worth picking up.


  1. Looks pretty!!! Do you like the cupcakes at Buttercup Bakeshop? They are my favorite in the city! :) The German Chocolate one especially... mmmm

  2. German Chocolate i my favorite Buttercup cupcake as well. But I have to say that the cupcakes at Sprinkles in LA are better than anything we have here!

  3. Oh wow, I guess the closest I'll ever get to a Sprinkles cupcake is with the mix from Williams Sonoma...

  4. NO Lakshmi they're supposedly coming to NYC soon!!!



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