Monday, April 26, 2010

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb La Vie En Rose

I love the original Flowerbomb fragrance. It's deep and warm and appeals to me even though I generally dislike florals and prefer more gourmand scent. I don't wear Flowerbomb during the day as I find it on the strong side, but love it in the evenings and for going out. When I saw the gorgeous bottle for the new Flowerbomb La Vie En Rose, I had to try it! On first spritz this smells like the original with a hint of rose and some citrus. Delicious, but what would the drydown be like? Well, it's very much like the original on me only slightly "brighter"! That's not a bad thing since I adore the original, I'm not sure that I can justify the extra $80 right now given the similarity. Citrus tends to fade almost instantly on me so this may work differently on other chemistry. Nonetheless, it's a yummy fragrance in a stunning bottle and eminently worthy of a sample!


  1. I love the original one too. This sounds like something I'l have to try.

  2. Definitely check it out Ammie! I asked for a sample at Sephora and they gave me an entire vial-full! I'll be testing this one for quite a while!

  3. I will- thanks for the tip about getting a sample. -



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