Sunday, April 4, 2010

I've Had a Very Expensive Weekend!

It started out with too large of a spree at JCrew and H&M, and then moved on to two pairs of shoes at Cole Haan. I'm sick of my work clothes which are definitely not as cute as my weekend/going out clothes and I always feel like I have to run home and change before doing anything social after work. I'm hoping to change that! I've never been into H&M since the quality is often subpar (hey, you get what you pay for) but H&M cuts smaller and as I'm slowly sized out of stores like JCrew and Banana due to vanity sizing, H&M provides an alternative (and I've discovered that they really do have some cute things!).

I also picked up new crystal knobs from Anthropologie for a vanity I plan to refinish for my new apartment and new Loreal Healthy Look Creme Gloss Hair Color. I don't color my hair but this is supposed to be temporary and subtle and I could do with a bit of brightening up!

Last night I purchased Lancome Black Coffee Le Crayon Kohl Eye Liner and placed a Skinbotanika order (that is not an affiliate link--I just love the site and am happy to promote it) for:
  • Clarisonic Mia- I usually have great skin but it's looking so dull and clogged lately. I'm hoping this helps!
  • Sophyto Polyphenol Skin Drops- I'm almost out of my Kate Somerville Total Vitamin Serum and like to use an antioxidant product in the morning as I'm exposed to so much pollution here in NYC and am exposed to the sun quite a bit.
  • Sparitual Nail Lacquer in Life of the Party- I really like this polish line. It's moderately priced and big 3 free. This looked like a fun pedicure color to me!
Now I'm off to buy new dining room chairs (6--ouch!), table lamps, hit Bed, Bath and Beyond for some organizing necessities, go grocery shopping and I have to pay my Bar dues!

And my list for the fast-approaching Bergdorf event is growing by the minute! Has anyone seen a money tree around? Trying to look good sure is expensive!


  1. Yay! Sounds like you had a fun Saturday of shopping!! :) I went to Ulta and stocked up on some skincare stuff from Boscia, really love that line-- all natural and preservative free. My list for Bergdorf keeps expanding too, then I'll get a wave of "Do I really need that??" and I'll shrink it down to a couple of items--- then I'll read some blog posts and find new lemmings! But either way, attention must be paid to Edward Bess and Paul and Joe.
    Oh did you also know that Sephora Beauty Insiders get 15% off from Apr 12-19. Boy its gonna be an expensive month!

  2. Oooh, must post pics! If you have time, I'd love to see your clothing pics!

    LOL at vanity sizing. It's hit and miss with BR/Jcrew. I'm typically a Size 0-2, but it just really depends a lot of the time. Funny, I've been contemplating checking out H&M as well. Haven't made it to the store yet. I bet the shopping in NY is phenomenal though!

  3. Lakshmi, I like Bosica too! I used to use their cleanser before I switched to Nude.

    Yes, careful attention must be paid to P&J and EB! I was in Bergdorfs Friday and checked out the new Edward Bess collection. I have to post about it. I overheard Edward speaking with a woman who asked him how business was, and he said great! Hopefully that means we'll see new products!

    Sabrina, I have to post pics! I have a JCrew (or JCrack as I sometimes call it) obsession. You should check out H&M--it's totally hit or miss though. Sometimes I find fabulous pieces and other times I leave emptyhanded.

    The shopping in the city is great, and my office is right by Saks/Bergdorf Goodman/Takashimaya/Bendels etc on 5th which makes it too easy for me! The only problem is once the weather gets nice like this, it's wall to wall tourists and you have to fight your way through the crowds. I spent a 1/2 hour waiting for a dressing rooming Friday and another half hour waiting to pay! The line just to get IN to Abercrombie wrapped around the block for goodness sake!

  4. You work in the absolute best section of the city. I used to be further downtown (17th and Park Ave South) and would walk up there in good weather. Have you checked out Le Metier yet?

  5. Ammie I love the Flatiron area and go here often to shop, especially for clothes, since they have a lot of the same stores in midtown (JCrew, Banana, H&M, Intermix, etc) without the throngs of tourists. Also when I'm in the mood for MAC I like the MAC Pro store there.

    I've been popping in to see Le Metier a few times over the last 2 weeks but am waiting until the event! I really wanted to see the blushes on Friday but none of the powder blushes were in the display and there was a makeover going on so the SA was ignoring me. So far I definitely want the Creme Fresh Tint (I compared it to the new Edward Bess cream blush and prefer the Le Metier) and am hoping to fall in love with either a powder blush, Whisper highlighter or both!

  6. If you love any of Le Metier, I know I will too. When I was working downtown, neither Sephora nor MAC were there. I had to go to either Bendels or the Village to the MAC store. And to West B'way for Sephora.

  7. I'll definitely let you know about the Le Metier! I actually love the Sephora in Soho--big, bright and in close proximity to Rice to Riches which is heaven!



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