Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Do You Wear Fragrance Daily?

I have a collection of about a dozen or so fragrances that I wear frequently, and have had two Bond No. 9 fragrances on my wish list forever (So New York and Nuits de Noho, which are fabulous mixed together, even more so than each individually). Some of my favorites are light and airy (Philosophy Falling in Love, Elizabeth W Sweet Tea, Diptique Oyedo) while others are deeper and more heady (Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb, Poupee de Rochas, Ginestet Botrytis). Despite liking fragrance, I am extremely conscious of the fact that many suffer from fragrance sensitivity and allergies, and I rarely wear any to work or in situation where I will be in close proximity to strangers. For example, I think that perfume should be banned at the gym, on trains, planes, buses (basically any place where the person next to you cannot easily escape)! Heavy scents are an instant migraine for me and for some reason I find that those who wear the most offensive fragrances tend to apply them with liberal abandon. I was nearly put into a Tresor-induced coma on the bus home yesterday by the woman whom I can only assume washes her clothes or bathes in the stuff. The fragrance permeated the entire interior of the bus, and this was at 6PM. I can only imagine how strong the scent must have been when freshly applied. Regardless of personal preference or taste in scents (and I think fragrance is highly personal), I believe that a person should have to be close enough to touch you to deduce that you're wearing perfume.

What is your opinion on fragrance? Do you wear it daily? What are some of your favorites?


  1. I love it. We share some favorites- Falling in Love and Flowerbomb. I also like Delice de Cartier, Exceptional, philosophy's Amazing Grace, and Madamoiselle Coco.

  2. Spritzing on fragrance is always the final touch when I make-up in the morning. I don't feel finished until I do that. My mother was that way as well. I remember the last thing she'd do before heading out to work was lightly mist her hair with fragrance (Mitsuko). I'm more of a flower person. I love Flowerbomb. I know that some perfum snobs poo-poo it, but the fact is it smells lovely on so many women. I also love, love, love Giulietta by Tocca. It's a light and breezy floral that transports me to wildflower covered sea cliffs. It never fails to lift my spirits.

  3. Well, I was the moderator on a fragrance forum for six years and I'm currently a consultant on the Fragrance Advisory Board...so I think you might say perfume is my passion. I have probably two hundred bottles of perfume (some of our members have more than a thousand)and I love everything from niche houses to drugstore perfumes. The amount of money spent is not indicative of how fine a scent is or is not. Unlike the winter (where you can spray with abandon and be reasonably sure you are not offending), the warmer months call for lighter and fresher scents. There are a whole host of "skin scents" (ie Perfect Veil)which stay close. In any event, I am not complete without perfume, it's a way of life for me.

  4. I wear Bond No.9 Nuits de Noho and always get compliments! I layer with an almond body cream and it is beautiful. You can really use Nuits as a base and layer it with many different fragrances.
    Fragrance expresses who you are. It always makes me feel special and pretty.



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