Tuesday, April 6, 2010

New Paul and Joe Self Select Eye Color Compacts + Beautyhabit Offer

When Paul and Joe discontinued their single shadow line a few months ago, many of us wondered how and when they'd be brought back and it seems that Beautyhabit has the answer! The single shadows are now available in pan format and palettes can be purchased so that you can create your own customized look. Currently, with the purchase of any 3 shadows, Beautyhabit is offering the $12 palette FREE with code MYLOOK.

Here is the copy from Beautyhabit about the new shadows:

Available in twenty five shades with three different textures including satin, silk, and suede, Paul & Joe’s Self Select Eye Color conjures beauty in both color and texture. These three textures let you enjoy different finished looks to complement moods, makeup, and, moreover, more color.

The collection uses “fix oil” – included as an oil solution, it blends well with the pigment, generating stunning color. Self Select Eye Color also includes “clear plate powder” – a translucent powder that makes the color of the pigment stand out with real vibrancy. And to make it easy to soften, spread, and adjust color intensity, spherical and smooth powders are mixed in to afford easy slide across the skin.

Thanks to these carefully selected powders that keep color from sinking, Self Select Eye Color individual shadow inserts cling beautifully onto eyelids with a smooth, long-lasting finish. This vivid color assortment is blended using Paul & Joe’s signature Secret D’or formula, featuring shimmering champagne gold frost that produces an exquisite luster that radiates from within.

And the beauty of it all? Paul & Joe lets you be your own makeup artist, with the introduction of a convenient Eye Color Palette for creating customized color combinations!

Satine texture: Shades 01-09
Silk texture: Shades 10-17
Suede texture: Shades 18-25


  1. Thanks for posting this!
    Is there a code you need? I'm not seeing anything added when I put my 3 shadows in at the checkout...it may be exhaustion...or just old eyes!



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