Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Trying to Wish Away the Weather Face of the Day

It's been bitter cold in NYC this week and what was once the pretty snow (for all of 5 minutes) has turned into black piles of slush and puddles of murky water. I am so ready for spring weather and so I decided to do a springy face in the hopes of changing the seasons through sheer will and makeup alone! I wore my beloved Rock & Republic eye shadows along with pinky-peachy-bronzey cheeks and lips.

Eye Shadows:
Rock & Republic Diffused, Affair and Veil

Paul and Joe 16 Canyon

Chanel Aqualumiere in Como (this was limited edition but if you can find it, grab it! It's gorgeous) with Hourglass gloss in Lush. The gloss sheers out very nicely and both adds depth to the lipstick and moisture (without stickiness) to my lips.
Swatches from lef tot right:
Rock & Republic Veil, Affair, Diffused, Paul and Joe 16 Canyon, Chanel Como, Hourglass Lush


  1. I hear ya!!! I am tired of winter wreaking havoc on my skin!! This is a very pretty FOTD you have here-- hope you had a good day! :)

  2. Thanks, Lakshmi! I hear you about the skin. I humidifier is the only thing getting my skin through winter!

  3. I bow to the mistress of the peachy-pinks. You have such a lovely collection and impeccable taste

  4. Thanks, Loveskin! What a lovely thing to say! I do love me some peachy pinks!

  5. I was about to say, I have a similar blush from Paul and joe... I just checked and it's the same! My first product from P&J actually and I love the packaging! Otherwise all my blushes are from MAC (only because I worked there) and Bobbi, and some NARS and Shu Uemura... I'm your newest follower!



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