Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tres Simple Face of the Day

Oh, insomnia. How I wish I could quit you. I've slept about 4 hours over the last few dates which necessitated a simple face today that would make me look alive! I find it easiest to put together a look in a hurry if I stick mainly to one brand, and since I wanted to retry an Origins blush I had previously put in the 'discard' pile (I love to set aside items that I think I no longer want and revisit them down the line, sort of like shopping in my own collection), I went with that line.

My eyes are Laura Mercier Metallic Cream Shadow in Gold, a taupey gold metallic cream that lasts all day, even through copious eye rubbing (thank goodness), with Laura Geller Key Lime/Dark Green Apple Baked Cake liner. I used Origins Sugar Cookie blush, a healthy sunburned kind of color, atop my new Jouer Tint in Whisper. Origins Rose Gold Creamy Lip Color and Caramel Candy Liquid Lip Gloss. (Fragrance was the delicious Ginestet Botrytis with hints of honey, candied fruit, quince and gingerbread for comfort).

With my Senna powder peeking out, and having forgot the lip gloss (it's that kind of day):

Sugar Cookie and Key Lime/Dark Green Apple:
Jouer and Laura Mercier:


  1. Could Origins Sugar Cookie be the slightly sunburned, healthy color we were talking about on emakemeup? If your'e really sleep-challenged the next few nights would you post a cheek or arm swatch? Thanks!
    PS--hope you do get some sleep!

  2. Hi, Loveskin! I think it might be just the color! I decided to go through my 'to give away' pile, rediscovered this, and think it might just fit the bill! I'll definitely post a swatch later today.

  3. The liner looks like a gorgeous choice among all those neutrals!! I hope that you get some rest soon, NYC Pretty! :)



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