Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Face of the Day (well, er, yesterday)

Today is a snow day here in New York City so no makeup! Yesterday I was determined to dig up some items I hadn't worn in a while, and I opted for Chanel eyes, Lancome cheeks and Paul and Joe for lips.

Eyes were Chanel Ombre Essentielle Ivory lash to brow, Cinnamon in crease (with my beloved Chanel Brush #3), and Le Crayon Kohl in Graphite. Ivory has a beautiful golden shimmer, and Cinnamon is warm without being so red that it gives that "rabbit eyed" look. Graphite may seem like an odd choice with the shadows but the color is subtle and it works beautifully. I love this liner formula and am sad that it has been discontinued. If your local store still carries them, I recommend picking up a few!

I adore my Lancome Blush Magique Cream Blushes and frequently layer Cinnamon Glaze and Subtle Fluff for a pink-tinged bronze with shimmer.

The lips are the first Paul and Joe lipstick I purchased and one of my overall favorite lip shades, 40 Pomme Au Four. I'd wear it more often if it didn't have that (in my opinion) horrible Paul and Joe signature scent associated with it. Every time I do wear it I fall in love with the color all over again.

With Flash (Ivory, Cinnamon, Graphite, 40 Pomme Au Four, Cinnamon Glaze, Subtle Fluff):
Without Flash (Ivory, Cinnamon, Graphite, 40 Pomme Au Four, Cinnamon Glaze, Subtle Fluff):


  1. Hi--I enjoy reading your posts. Courtesy of recent P&J sales and a new obsession with the line, I have approximately 25 P&J l/s. Not one of mine has any scent at all (including one that I bought a couple of years ago), and I'm very sensitive to strongly scented lipsticks (like the overpowering EL pure color fig scent, which I regret to report is also present--but not as strong--in Edward Bess l/s). Strange....

  2. eighthour, not only do my lipsticks both have a scent, but it's the exact same scent in the nail polish. I've heard Paul and Joe describe it as their "signature essence." Maybe it's the kind of thing only certain people can smell... :)

  3. Very pretty. I wish I would have gotten those blushes before they discontinued them. But I did get the Chanel Brush #3 and I LOVE it! Thanks for that recommendation.

  4. Sarite, I'm so glad you love the brush! It's always a little nervewracking when someone buys a product on your recommendation!



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