Sunday, February 14, 2010

By Terry Crayon Blackstar

I had a pretty expensive weekend. I placed a order (more about those goodies when they arrive), repurchased my beloved Laura Mercier Eye Basics in Linen for the bazillionth time, and treated myself to a new nail polish and this By Terry Eyeliner (plus tons of groceries, stuff for my apartment at West Elm, a new pair of earrings, a birthday gift for my mother AND paid my renter's insurance in full for the year). Phew! I'm exhausted and somewhat broke!

This eye liner was definitely a huge splurge. By Terry products are certainly not cheap, but I like everything I've tried from the line. It's high quality and not merely repackaged mass-produced Your Name Cosmetics items. "This dual-action pencil, with a color tip on one end and a brush on the other, provides a rich, glide-on line that shimmers with mysterious reflections for a shiny powder effect. Its "Color Resist" complex sets the color and ensures irreproachable hold. Its extremely comfortable formula allows for precise application on the eye contour." How good does that sound? The only drawback? The price tag. $35 + tax for an eye liner.

The shade I selected is Bronze Ebene, a blackened bronze shimmer. It's not as harsh as black and it defines my green eyes nicely. I tested the product at Space NK by drawing a line on my hand, and the line is still there despite copious hand washing and rubbing with a tissue soaked in eye makeup remover, so I give them pencil points for fortitude! I might have to classify the heart shaped swatch I drew on my forearm as a tattoo, since it's not budging at all! If you have problems with eye liner smudging, I'd definitely take a look at these--they're nearly indelible.

The pencil also comes with a sharpener if that helps make the price more palatable to you! Every now and then it feels good to purchase an expensive "special" item and I have high hopes for this one!
P.S. Here are the earrings:


  1. This looks so pretty. I can't wait to get one of these myself. I've got the crayon on order in this same color. Beautiful earrings.

  2. Thanks, Marcia! How funny that you've ordered the exact same liner. I hope you love it!

  3. Hey SB! Enjoy your goodies!! :) Just one question... did you get the By Terry stuff at the Space NK store or the Space NK at Bloomingdales? Thanks!

  4. Hi, Lakshmi! I bought it at the Space NK stand alone store on the UWS.

  5. Both items are beautiful- enjoy!

  6. By Terry is so awesome, though the pencils are on thing I haven't tried! We share a same desire for Gloss number 8 though!

  7. Alice, the pencil really is amazing! I've wore it almost every day since I purchased it. Gloss 8 will be mine eventually--it's so pretty for Spring!



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