Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Order Featuring Paul and Joe and Julie Hewett

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Dermstore, the site is a beauty junkie's playground! It features a huge array of skincare, carrying the more clinical lines like VMV Hypoallergenics, the mainstream likes of Murad, spa lines like Elemis to natural brands such as Raw and Luzern Laboratories. They also stock some great makeup brands like Sue Devitt, Jane Iredale, LORAC, Becca, Paul and Joe, Laura Geller and more. I'm not affiliated with the site, just a happy customer thanks to free shipping on all orders and a 10% discount when you add an item to your Favorites list before purchasing.

When I had my Paul and Joe mini makeover a few weeks ago, the makeup artist used Eye Color Palette CS Ingenue 001 on my eyes and I loved the look. I didn't buy the palette at the time thinking I could easily replicate the shades, but regretted the decision afterward. Not only did Doermstore have the palette, but I could get 10% off, making it slightly more, well, palatable!
Ingenue 001 ($38) features a shimmery ecru, shimmery taupe, and shimmery deep charcoal. All of the colors are smooth and pigmented. The palette is neutral and can be worn by all skin tones. It's just a good, versatile palette of high quality basics that would be great for travel or a quick eye in the morning that can easily be smoked out for nighttime. The charcoal shade is densely pigmented and would work well as a liner too.
Also, the case is just too darn cute! The flower pattern is so Spring-like and happy.Julie Hewett was on sale at the time I was placing the palette order, and so I had to throw in a couple of her items as well! I ordered the Shimmy in Goldie ($18 in palette form) and Camellia Balm in Rose ($18 in palette form).

The Shimmy is a cream-based highlighter that is incredibly luminescent. I've been on a highlighter kick lately for some reason and wanted a product that would work equally well on my cheeks and browbone and this definitely fits the bill. Goldie is a beigey champagne shade with twinkling shimmer--it's not glitter and it's not teenybopper, but it's definitely noticeable shimmer. Shimmys have a good amount of slip to them and a thin consistency. I have all of the shades now except the bronze!
I'd been wanting to try the Camellia Balm for a while now, and when I saw that it was released in two tints I was excited! I ordered the Rose, which according to Dermstore is a subtle, warm toned pink and is described by Julie as a bouquet of pink petals. Both descriptions are apt when looking at the balm in the pan, but applied, unfortunately, this is completely, 100% colorless, a big disappointment to me. I expected the balm to be sheer (it is a balm after all) but provide at least a hint of a tint. The texture is nice--very thin and not at all waxy. Some would find it too oily but I don't mind the added slip and it smells strongly of fresh oranges, which I like. I'm definitely not a big cosmetic returner but am considering sending this product back since it really is just an $18 clear balm, and not the pretty "bouquet" the descriptions imply. I guess the hunt goes on for the perfect sheer pink lip balm! I had such high hopes for this one!


  1. I got the JH Mandy palette a few weeks ago for the Cheekies (I haven't been very succesful applying, even w/ the Cheekie brush), but I think Goldie is in there as well. I've been playing around with highlighters for the first time in my life, so I'll have to test it out!

  2. Hi, LauraJ! I have the Cheekie brush but to be honest I prefer just using my fingers to apply. I put a few dots on each cheek, wait a minute for my body heat to warm the blush slightly which makes it blend much much better, and then blend with my fingertips. Since Cheekies re such dense creams allowing them to warm to body temp makes a huge difference in terms of blendability and looking natural.

    I believe Goldie is in the Mandy palette!

  3. I love the look of that P&J palette.. such pretty neutrals! On another note.. I stopped by the Soho Space NK today and was appalled by the service or the lack of it...!! Terrible! Firstly the girl was reluctant to show me the nailpolish I wanted to look at, then she starts talking about going on break to her grumpy colleague *while* assisting me! She leaves and the other one sulks around and asks me in the most rude possible way if "I was going to get anything!!!" Hell no!! Not with that service...

  4. It is a great palette, Lakshmi! Your Space NK experience sounds terrible! I find the service to be hit or miss at that store, but have always found the people at the UWS one very helpful. I absolutely will not buy anything from a sales associate providing bad service!

  5. The perfect pale pink lipbalm is Dior Addict Lip Glow Color Reviver Balm! You can get it at Sephora, give it a try!

  6. Oh thanks, Alix! I was afraid that this would turn fuchsia on me. Is it more of a soft pink?

  7. Lovely haul! Glad you were able to get the P&J at a discount!



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