Monday, February 1, 2010

I Did Do Some Cosmetic Shopping in LA!

I did manage to make purchases in LA that weren't cupcake or noodle related (thank goodness for my diet)! As I said before, aside from the STAT cleanser refill, I was determined to stick with items I can't buy directly in NYC which is no small feat, but I was up to the challenge! I did peak into all of the usual spots (Barneys, Saks, etc) just to make sure I wasn't missing anything, though. What if a super limited edition product came out between my flight yesterday and this afternoon? I have to keep up on these things!

One place I visited was The Organic Pharmacy. I have seen this UK-based line mentioned in a number of beauty magazines, read some celebrity raves and was intrigued. I try to stick with organic and natural products for skincare just because that's what I'm most comfortable with personally. For me it has nothing to do with right or wrong, good or bad, but this line goes way beyond, actually directly calling various cosmetic ingredients carcinogens. I don't necessarily agree with their harsh, almost militant stance regarding ingredients, but I have read raves for the products and wandered in. First of all, the line is NOT cheap! Expect to pay upwards of $75 for a moisturizer (some over $200) and $40 for an eye shadow. A blush will cost you $50, the body cream $300. They also do not have samples but sell small sizes of some of their products for a lesser charge. I wanted the Antioxidant Face Cream but since that was not sold in trial sizes, I purchased the Double Rose Rejuvinating Cream, the line's best seller. It was .23 fl oz for $12 which I thought was reasonable, especially for a little 'out of town' splurge. The cream claims to "bring instant relief to thirsty skin. Enriched with Ginger, Rosehip and Rose, Light but hydrating action protects and stimulates circulation, restoring elasticity and radiance. The result: an instant glow." Since I don't think I can fairly judge a product with the stress of traveling, I'm going to start using this when I get back on Sunday.
I also went to Senna, one of the few lines I cannot get back home. I was so excited when I saw the boutique I practically skipped across the street! Unfortunately, inside it was pretty dark and the only girl working was pretty sour. Had she been nicer (or seemed like she cared) I probably would have browsed for quite a while and bought more, but it seemed like she could wait for me to leave and so I did, with only the new concealer palette and a brush with which to apply it. The concealer is called HD Hydra-Cover and was $38. "High tech HD light diffusing pigments, Hyaluronic filling spheres, and collagen stimulating Malachite create this unparalleled wonder working total face concealer. This silky, light as air formula uses light reflection instead of opacity to diminish flaws as it brightens skin, fills in wrinkles, and boosts skin renewal. Licorice extract helps firm up puffiness. Three corrective shades cancel under eye darkness, facial pigmentation, redness and blemishes. Brush included."

The brush it comes with is pretty dinky so I purchased Multi Brush 24 ($20). I frequently buy concealer brushes and then decide I prefer to apply the product with my fingers, but I'm tryin gto change! I had to both sign AND initial 3 times when making the purchase, not only for the credit card charge but twice acknowledging that they do not accept returns, only store credit, only for products not services, only within 10 days, only with orginal receipt etc. I think I signed fewer times renting my apartment!

Finally, I received a hand cream sample from Jigsaw Organics, another Brit brand with an LA outpost. The hand cream has a lovely herbal scent, sank in right away and provided a healthy dose of moisture for my dry hands.

Tomorrow I'm going to try and check out the hotel spa and see if there's a gift shop!


  1. Is the Organic Pharmacy the line that has a cleanser like Eve Lom? Or am I getting that mixed up with some other line?

    Curious about the Senna since it is an underrated line.

    BTW, did I tell you I tagged you. I told so many people that if I did just ignore this. LOL

  2. Hi, Olivia! You're totally right--this line does have a cleanser like Eve Lom, the Carrot Butter Cleanser. Nope, you didn't mention you tagged me. Thanks!



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