Thursday, December 31, 2009

Favorite Bronzers and Highlighters Part 3

Unfortunately, both of these lovelies are discontinued.
Darphin Blush Sensation in Soleil Sublime is my all time favorite bronzer. To me it has cache not only because it is difficult to find, comes in a little velvet pouch and is one of the more expensive bronzers at $40, but it is simply perfect on the skin. The product is a gradation of color from a warm beigey tan to a deeper bronze with a sublt lilt and sheer formula. You can custom blend a shade by swiping your brush is different color areas, or simply do what I do which is blend all of the shades together. Either way it's utterly foolproof and incredibly natural looking. I've ried many bronzer and while there are others that I do use and like, this one ranks right up at the top.MAC Beauty Powder in Pearl Sunshine was, in my opinion, the hidden gem of MAC's Barbie collection. This is a light shimmery peachy pink with a slight hint of tan and noticeable but gentle shimmer. While everyone was out stocking up on Moth Brown, I picked this up and have been enjoying it ever since, in part due to it's versatility. It has enough pigment to be used as a light blush on more "natural" days, but is sheer enough to work as a highlighter. The little bit of tan undertone would also enhance sunkissed skin, making this a great product to take on vacation. I use a fan brush for just a light dusting or a blush brush if I want more color.


  1. I love Pearl Sunshine and bought a back up. When I did my Warm & Cozy post yesterday, I said I didn't have any pink highlighters but I forgot about this one. By Candlelight MSF is totally different to it though so that's fine.

  2. Hi--that Darphin is TDF but I cannot find it anywhere!! I'm a sucker for a truly great bronzer which isn't all that bronze for us light skinned girls

  3. Hi, Loveskin! I ran a Google search after I sw your post and can't find it either! I purchased it at Apthorp Pharmacy (one of those quaint old school pharmacies that carry high end cosmetics and hard to find lines a la CO Bigelow) on the Upper West Side. They're one of the few stores that carry the Darphin cosmetics line. I'm not sure if they still have his in stick but it might be worth a shot! The # is 1-800-775-3582.

  4. Thanks for the number of the store! I love those old apothecaries--I went to one in Boston and wanted to live there lol. Wouldn't it be something if i could actually find this baby? Only us makeup addicts get this-ha!

  5. I love the old apothecary style stores as well! I'm lucky that we have several here in NYC. I hope you're able to find this!



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