Monday, December 28, 2009

Favorite Bronzers and Highlighters Part 2

Clockwise from top: Becca Mermaid Loose Shimmer Powder, Bare Escentuals A Little Sun, Chantecaille Lumiere de Rose Highlighter, Bare Escentuals Bare Radiance. Click on the picture to enlarge and really see the detail.

Becca Mermaid Loose Shimmer Powder ($20)- This loose powder comes in a small eye shadow pigment sized container. I was attracted to it because it's such an unusual shade--a grayish green with heavy gold shimmer. It sounds like it would be hideous on the skin but surprisingly it's not! It looks neutral adding a silvery gold 'flash' on the cheek bones. It also looks great on the eyes, but it's light pigmentation requires it to be packed on.

Bare Escentuals A Little Sun ($18)- this looks orange in the pot but has a healthy dose of pink on the skin. It gives a true 'sunburnt' coppery rose color. I like to wear it not only on my cheeks, but applied with a fan brush across the bridge of my nose and along my hairline--the spots the sun would naturally hit and bronze.

Chantecaille Lumiere de Rose Highlighter ($36)- This is a pearly shell colored highlighter that I've been wearing frequently lately. The texture is very soft and the glow it gives is subtle but definitely apparent. I've been wearing it on top of matte blushes in addition to using as a highlighter. In the picture above, the pinky overspray has been rubbed away. This is how it looks brand new:
Bare Escentuals Bare Radiance ($18)- I generally wear this iridescent nude shimmer powder over blushes and love the soft-focus look it imparts. Your skin just looks softly luminous and the shade and shimmer level are appropriate for daytime wear.

From left to right: Becca Mermaid, Bare Escentuals Bare Radiance, Bare Escentuals A Little Sun, Chantecaille Lumiere de Rose

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