Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Rediscovery

Long time, no post! With summer in full swing here in NYC I've been going out more, working out more, spending more on clothes and shoes and wearing less makeup. While it may be a balmy 87 at street-level, in the subterranean, unairconditioned way tunnels that means it's over 100 and the wrong makeup will leave you a smeary puddle before you even arrive at work. And since we walk everywhere here, a quick jaunt to he store can have the same effect. I've been prety much keeping to concealer, some powder on my forehead, a cheek stain, a simple eye shadow look and tinted balm.

Needing a break from the heat I stopped into The Company Store for the air conditioned solace before an appointment and spotted MAC Shell Pearl Beauty Powder. It looked like the loveliest of glowing pinky peach highlight, but I held firm, walked out empty handed and added it to my wishlist. Going through my collection a little while ago I spotted MAC Pearl Sunshine Beauty Powder and while not identical, I'll be darned if the Pearl Sunshine won't do for now! It's peachier for sure, but applied over a bit of blush it adds a pretty warm glow and since I already own it, it's free!
I am still looking for the perfect gel blush for summer. Right now it's between Tarte Cheek Stain in The Perfect Peach, 100% Pure Peach Glow and NARS Turks and Caicos. I'd love to hear what you think I should choose in the comments!


  1. Well, we don't have Tarte here as far as I know (not that we have Nars either...), but I'd definitely go for The Perfect Peach! What a cool name! I actually bought Nars Cadaques while in London 2 weeks ago = love! I also swatched Turks&Caicos and thought it was nice but a bit too sheer...Anyhow, love the look of the MAC too, so pretty in the pan, bet it looks lovely on you. What's your tinted balm of choice right now? It's quite hot here too at the moment, not scorching but still hot enough to make me want to shower at least 3 times a day! xx

  2. Not sure what happened, just wrote a comment and posted it but although it said it had been published it seems to have vanished! Oh well, I was suggesting you go for Tarte's The Perfect Peach as it has such a cool name! I swatched Turks&Caicos while in London but found it a tad too sheer so opted for Cadaques instead....had to get at least one, right??? You seem to be a pretty busy bee lately, hope you're sleeping better! xx

  3. I go with cheek stains, fave is Origins. Becca's Beach Tint is also wonderful. Summer, ugh. When perfect makeup dissolves into a sickly yellow sheen on the way to work. My solution is to do away with everything except strong lippie and cheek stain...maybe a hint of bronzer. I would kill for a good snowstorm right now. SusanW



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