Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Mixer

I purchased The Mixer at The Makeup Show and it was one of the purchases that excited me that most. I wanted to give myself a good amount of time to play with it before reviewing, and I'm finally ready to weigh in!

The Mixer is from Geri G Cosmetics and is touted as a "revolutionary makeup enhancer."
The Mixer ($29) can be used as a primer, brow and lash enhancer, to extend the wear of products and my preferred use, turning loose and powder products into creams. I purchased The Mixer because I love cream blushes and shadows and it would enable me to turn my favorite powder shades into long-wearing, water-resistant creams. It is also paraben-free and contains aloe, vitamins, natural botanicals, titanium dioxide for some sun protection, Nanomarine-5 and is said to be irritation free.

The product dispenses from the pump is a white cream with a bit of a waxy feel.

I pump a bit out onto my hand, add a bit of powder, mix with my fingers and apply. The Mixer has a bit of mica in it for added luminosity. It takes super-metallic and shimmery mineral shadows, like Alima Paris (below) and gives them more of a velvety finish. I then just apply with my fingers or a brush and the color sets for all-day wear.

With Mixer on the left, swatched alone on the right:
In natural light, no flash:
I've also used The Mixer to turn powder blushes into creams. I use the same technique as above. If you have problems with your blush lasting, this will make a big improvement. The Mixer also intensifies the color quite a bit, solving the problem if you have blushes that do not show up or are just a few shades too light.

Here is Bare Escentuals Golden Gate blush, alone on the left and with The Mixer on the right. With flash:

And here in natural light without flash:

So the good: The Mixer definitely adds versatility to my makeup collection and I love the ease of turning loose shadows and blushes into creams for easy application and water-resistant, long-lasting makeup. There's no learning curve and it allows you to completely control the depth of color and pigment level you achieve. Change product finishes and textures with ease.

And the bad: I have two big issues with The Mixer. First, it's highly fragranced. I didn't realize this at the show and would not have purchased it if I had. It's what is keeping me from recommending the product wholeheartedly. Fragrance is the last ingredient but I find the scent to be very strong and it takes a long time to dissipate. I'm very reluctant to use The Mixer to create eyeliners (one possible use I was most looking forward to trying) because I do not want to risk irritation by getting something this perfumed into my eyes. I cannot see what the purpose of having any fragrance in a product like this is, let alone one this strong. Though the brand claims that The Mixer has been allergy tested, is MD and Plastic Surgeon endorsed and is irritation free, those sensitive to fragrance should steer clear.

I also have issues with The Mixer balling up if I try to blend too much. Once the product has set, it's set, and any further blending can cause it to ball up or flake off.

The Mixer is also available in a kit with the M Brush, a little mixing spatula and an instructional DVD for $39.

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  1. I've been waiting for this review and now I want to cry. Fragrance? Strong fragrance? That makes me so sad. I really wanted it too. It seems so versatile. Darn.



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