Friday, June 25, 2010

A Quick Update On The Mixer

I previously reviewed The Mixer from Geri G Cosmetics, lamenting that the high quality product was overshadowed by the unnecessarily strong fragrance it contains. It's funny--though my initial reaction was lukewarm, I find myself wanting to purchase loose eye shadows so that I can use this more and more! It's sweltering here in the city and a pigment mixed with The Mixer and applied with a taklon brush takes all of 30 seconds to put on lasts all day on my eyes with no creasing and no maintenance. Alima Paris and The Mixer endured an 18 hour day that included 6 subway rides, a full workday and a Yankee game with nary a crease last week. Of course, I threw out all of my Bare Escentuals and other loose pigments during my last purge, and now it looks as through I'm going to end up reinvesting! MAC Naked is on my list and I'd love to hear your other favorite loose shadows!


  1. Gotta try stagelight cosmetics, those were my first loose shadows I have tried and also fyrinnae for their arcane magic. Cinema Secrets have some nice ones and Ben Nye.

  2. Fyrrinnae sells nice size samples that will be more than enough to satisfy you. They are about $2 each and come in the little pots. Free shipping at $20.



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