Wednesday, October 7, 2009

RIP Rock & Republic Cosmetics. A Rock & Republic Eye of the Day

I've made my love for Rock & Republic Cosmetics well known in my previous entries and unfortunately it turns out that the line is closing down. The good news is that several Neiman Marcus stores have the brand marked down between 40-50% (the sale has not hit the website yet). The bad news is that these superbly pigmented eye shadows and smooth glowy blushes are not long for this world. I strongly disagreed with the company's marketing strategy from the get-go: virtually ignore the rest of the line while promoting a mediocre $225 bronzer in a crystal-studded case. Whenever I spoke to someone about the line, their first comment was inevitably "oh, that line is so expensive." In truth, the line was priced along the lines of brands like Guerlain and YSL, and was cheaper than Chanel. And when you consider that the shadows and blushes contain 2-3 times the amount of product found in comparable lines, R&R is, gram-for-gram, a pretty good deal for outstanding quality. That message never came across and unfortunately the line did not succeed.

In honor of my beloved R&R, here is my eye of the day:
* Rock & Republic Veil Eye Shadow lash to brown (a soft pale ecru)
* Rock & Republic Snakeskin in the crease and smoked out (a murkey shimmery olivine)
* Bobbi Brown Forest Shimmer Ink Eye Liner
* Prescriptives (another brand that will soon but shuttering it's doors) False Eyelashes Mascara
* MAC Browning (from the Porcelain/Browning duo) powder for brows

Here is a link to my prior posts about Rock & Republic in the hope that they can help you with color selection should you choose to take advantage of the sale or try the line!

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  1. Great EOTD! I have snakeskin and am embarrassed to say I haven't used it yet! I agree with you on their marketing campaign. They tried to brand it as a high end luxury when they focused on their $200+ bronzer which deterred many from checking out the products.

    Their gaudy packaging was a fail as well. Not rocker-chic like I think they were going for.



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