Wednesday, October 7, 2009

New Skincare!

As soon as we had our first day in the 60s here in New York City, the skin on my face and body began to feel tight and dry. I'm usually a simple cleanser-eye cream-moisturizer girl, but I decided that since I'm not getting any younger and my skin seems to be getting drier, I'd look into a serum to layer under my usual lotions.

I've previously mentioned my penchant for natural and organic skincare, and when a coupon code for an etailer called Beautorium popped up in my inbox, I figured it was a sign I should place an order. Beautorium, who pride themselves on being "a natural and organic beauty emporium" was a new site for me and I'm happy to say I had a great experience. I placed my order around 11:55 PM on Sunday night, used a coupon code for 15% off, and received a UPS shipping notice on Monday afternoon! The products arrived today (Wednesday) from North Carolina in perfect condition, along with a plethora of samples and a free jute woven bag (in the background of the pictures). The site's shipping is definitely on the high side but I'm very pleased with the service and will order again. They also offer a 60 day money back guaranty.

So what did I get? I purchased:
  • Trilogy Age Proof Nutrient Plus Facial Serum ($40 for 1.01 fl oz)-Trilogy is a rosehip oil-based 100% natural line from New Zealand free of parabens, petrochemicals, PEGs, pesticides, GMOs, synthetic colors or fragrances or harsh surfactants. I've used their Vital Moisturizing Cream in the past and been pleased with it, but the brand is almost impossible to find in the States. I was so excited to discover it's available online that I snapped up this serum, which is one of the line's newest products. The serum promises to brighten, lighten, restore a radiant complexion and smooth fine lines and wrinkles. I have my fingers crossed! The ingredients can be found here.
  • Trilogy Aromatic Body Treatment Oil ($33 for 3.38 fl oz)- This little bottle promises to nourish, sooth and moisturize, while activating microcirculation to help eliminate toxins and excess water. We shall see about that last claim, but after trying it on my hand, I'm pleased with how quickly the oil seemed to sink in and the light herbal scent. The ingredient deck is available here.
I can't wait to try my new products! Here's hoping they make my city-weary skin look 16 again!

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