Monday, October 26, 2009

Loose Mineral Eye Shadows

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Ah, sparkly little pots of color! Too bad you are so messy to use! I've pared my once-substantial loose eye shadow collection (bye, bye, chunky MAC pigments) down to just a few shades that I actually wear. Or just stare at. Either one.

I purchased little plastic jars that screw onto one another in an attempt to streamline and have the loose shadows take up less space. The pigments can now be stored vertically instead of horizontally which leaves much more room. I highly recommend storing minerals this way. Here are some of my loose shadow favorites:
Bare Escentuals Grace- this shadow looks lilacy in the pot but has a warm champagne when foiled (used wet). It's a polychromatic, unique shade. This is an example of the shade dry (left) and foiled (right). It becomes much more metallic and dramatic when wet.

Ricky's Naked- Ricky's is an offbeat drugstore chain in New York City. Their house line of cosmetics, Mattese, carries a gorgeous, finely milled line of pigments. This is a super shimmery champagne.
Bare Escentuals Socialite- click and the picture to enlarge and really see the shimmering details. This is a stunning money-green with an ultrasparkly finish. It's very unique--I've seen a lot of pigments but never one quite this color. Used dry if can be buffed out to a smokey finish; use it wet and it's the perfect mermaid color. I love it wet as liner with a very simple eye and light peachy ink cheek.

Bare Escentuals Peaceful- this is a very warm auburn brown. It would be perfect on blue eyes.
Bare Escentuals Soul- I've previously spoken of my love for this underrated shadow. It's just the most perfect eye-brightening vanilla.

Bare Escentuals Cupcake- a delicate fairy ink with heavy gold sparkle. This shadow also looks great as a blush.
Bare Escentuals Gilded Taupe- a neutral taupe with gold shimmer. This shade is more sheer than most BE shades so it's perfect for a very natural look. I have to foil it to achieve any oomph.

Bella Il Fiore Socialite- I discovered this brand in a Ritz Carlton spa boutique on vacation. The picture really doesn't do this shade justice because it's so multidimensional. Socialite is a soft purple with gold shimmer, but use it wet and there is a hard steely platinum edge to it. It can go from soft and pretty to dramatic rocker chic with just a little water! I've spotted the brand at a few shops here in the city but never this shade, so I'm keeping close tabs on it!
left to right: BE Peaceful, Bella Il Fiore Socialite, BE Gilded Taupe, BE Grace, BE Socialite, Ricky's Naked, BE Soul, BE Cupcake

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