Friday, October 23, 2009

LAVANILA The Healthy Lip Shine

The LAVANILA line and I had a slow and disappointing start. I initially tried the fragrances and was underwhelmed. I next ordered the Vanilla Coconut Body Wash (how yummy does that sound?) and found that it smelled nothing like vanilla or coconut. The deodorant was my next stop with its lofty promises of providing odor protection with beta-glucan. Let's just say it didn't. Normally I'm a three-strikes-and-you're-out kind of girl, but I stumbled on the lip shines and I have to say I really love them!

LAVANILA The Healthy Lip Shine ($14) comes in 4 scents that mimic the line's existing fragrances. I have Vanilla Blossom (which smells delicately of sweet lemon) and Vanilla Lavender (a light fruity scent). Both are extremely lightweight and very moisturizing with more liquidy texture than traditional lip glosses. These are not the least bit sticky, and use apricot, jojoba and sunflower oils to nourish and provide shine. The glosses also tout antioxidants and shea butter while leaving out parabens and other potentially harmful ingredients.

The Healthy Lip Shines apply very sheerly with only a hint of color. Vanilla Blosson is an extremely sheer, basically clear, peachy shade with swirls of shimmer. Vanilla Lavender is a translucent pink with subtle violet microshimmer. Do not expect noticeable pigment. These are great over lip pencil, a drier lipstick formula or just to moisturize dry fall/winter lips. I like not having to worry about the ingredients I'm putting into my body when I inadvertently ingest my lip gloss! Despite my initial disappointment with the line, I have to say that The Healthy Lip Shines are an inexpensive and unexpected pleasant surprise!

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