Thursday, May 6, 2010

My Favorite Candles

I'm not a huge home scent person. I was never the girl in college with a zillion candles covering her dorm room, am scared of plug in wall fragrances and have had asthma attacks on the few occasions I've entered Yankee Candle stores. Heck I don't even own Febreeze. However, there are 3 candles that I absolutely adore and implore everyone to try, even non-candle people like me!

Deco Candles Sweet Mango- If you've ever walked into a Ritz Carlton lobby and wonder what that absolutely intoxicating scent was, it's Deco Candles Sweet Mango. It smells like a rich, true ripe mango but is not at all cloying. Bu this while you have company over and they'll never want to leave!

Voluspa Saijo Persimmon- I have absolutely no idea what a Saijo Persimmon actually smells like, but but the candle is deep, fruity and oddly mysterious. This scent works in all seasons and the throw on the candle is amazing. The small votive size scents my whole apartment easily.

Archipelago Pineapple Ginger- I love both ginger and pineapple but have to admit that I do not smell any ginger in this candle. The pineapple is not overly sweet and is just heady enough to evoke the tropics. The scent on this is so strong that I store it in the box--out in the open it can scent an entire room without even being lit.


  1. I am not really a candle person either, but I will be moving to my own place from on campus housing, so will finally be *able* to have candles in the house now! Yay!!! The first on my list are the Fig and Fireside candles from Henri Bendel.. so luxurious but simple :)
    I also saw some very interesting ones at Anthropologie the other day, especially a mango coconut milk one-- you might like that too, just makes me want to eat it right away!
    Where do you buy these candles from, I'd like to try them out too..

  2. Hi, Lakshmi! The links in the post should take you to different shopping sites! Enjoy! I love the Bendel Fig candles as well.

  3. Agree, I'm not much of a candle person myself. I will admit to loving Nest's Holiday candle, though, and also Anthousa's Pomegranate and Mint. BBW's Fireside candle is lovely, too. SusanW



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