Sunday, May 16, 2010

I Went To The New York Makeup Show Part 2

I made it my mission to see every line at the show, which was no small feat given the crowds. I also wanted to try and restrict my purchases to items that were either spectacular deals or from lines that I cannot easily access. I pretty much stuck with my goals and got to expand my makeup horizons!

*Alcone Company- the booth was always busy and mainly offered tools and supplies, not their makeup brands. A customer asked the rep how a Beauty Blender sponge differed from a regular one and the rep couldn't answer. I wanted to jump in and help! Luckily another customer did!

* Alison Raffaele Cosmetics- items were 40% off and so I picked up a concealer. I purchased this when it first came out years ago and didn't like it, but I'm hoping for better luck this time. A steal at 40% off (just $14). I was also impressed with how wonderful her kabuki felt. The packaging for this line has changed since it left Sephora and she no longer has the Lip Skins and shadows as part of the display.

* Arbonne International- I didn't realize that the whole line was organic and the textures felt very nice. This line is distributed similarly to Avon.

* Auraline Beauty- a wholesale line for independent branding, similar to Your Name. The bronzers were lovely and very inexpensive (we're talking $5 here) but the stock they shipped for the show hadn't arrived. I would have to return tomorrow to buy it which would mean another $50 entrance fee!

* Becca Cosmetics- they had the new palette and Beach tint. I only spent a few minutes there since I've gotten to play with the line extensively before. I didn't even check if they had a discount! I'm sad that their US distribution has dwindled so significantly.

* Crown Brushes- as I mentioned, one of the busiest booths. I picked up 5 brushes for only $23, including a liner brush, crease brush, bronzer brush, blush brush and powder brush! They all feel incredibly soft and are drying now for use tomorrow!

* Dermalogica- they didn't bring stock but were offering a 20% off online code.

* DEX New York- a mineral line with everything from foundations to eye shadows. The color items come only in palette form which I find to be a pain for travel so I didn't spend much time. DEX emailed me to let me know that the pans and palettes are magnetic, ensuring no mess during travel. The email intrigued me and led me to explore the brand's site. I learned that the mineral formulas are not only not bismuth-based, but contain peptides and 24k colloidl gold to treat the skin during wear. The line is also cruelty free and the Mineral Illuminator looks very interesting to this concealer junkie! I may have to stop by their studio one day!

* Egon Schiele Cosmetics - this is a very interesting line. The products are mineral based and all natural and the shades are lovely. The problem? I can't get passed the name! It's after an Austrian Expressionist, but to me it conjures up that dorky kid who did AV for school plays. They were offering a large discount but the booth wasn't busy. The blushes in particular was very pretty and there was a shadow I was eyeing.

* Embryolisse- one of the few skincare lines. They had well-priced kits.

* Eve Pearl- the prices were up to 60% off and Eve was doing demos, which I just noticed are already up on her website! I was debating the blush/bronzer/highlight trio but held off, and now I kind of regret it. Normally $36, it was only $20. I believe used it on me when I visited her studio not long ago and I think I remember really liking the look and convenience of all 3 shades together.

* Eye Kandy- a glitter eye shadow line. I'm pretty sure I'd get fired and/or mocked ceaselessly if I walked into work all a-glitter. Not my style but looked pretty!

* FACE Atelier- this brand is renowned for their foundation, and the lovely Lisaannie from Beauty Info Zone loves their lip gloss. You can read her review on here. This is another line where the shadows come in those plastic clamshells and you have to put them into palettes. It's too bad since they had a deep, dark brown cakeliner that looked like a fabulous color. I bought a blush in Peach Glaze which looks remarkably like every other peachy pink blush I own but I'm a creature of habit! Like a moth to a flame, I'm drawn to the same shades over and over. The blush was $15 and the line normally charges $25. This shade has a lot of gold shimmer and is very glowy.

* Frends Beauty Supply- another store that carries a variety of lines but was primarily offering tools.

* Geri G Cosmetics- this is a very interesting brand with only a few products, the star being something called Mixer, which I purchased. Mixer is a water-free, aloe-based product that can be used as a primer or to turn pressed items into cream formulations. It contains no oils that break down the formula like a moisturizer would. Geri even uses it as a lash primer before mascara since it makes anything mixed with it long lasting. It contains a bit of mica for a glow. Normally $29, this was $15 solo or $20 in a kit with Geri's signature brush. It's paraben-free, contains a natural sunscreen as well as some great botanicals. I have nothing else like this and am eager to start playing! While I didn't buy it, the brush is a unique shape and is designed to dry quickly. I find that taklon normally takes forever to dry so that would be a big improvement over regular synthetic brushes.

* Glimmer Body Art- temporary tattoos. Not my thing!

* Graftobian Makeup- a professional makeup line typically carried at beauty supply stores. They had already sold out of the cake liner I wanted before I got there! (as you can probably tell by now, I was on a cake liner mission)!

* Hakuhodo Usa- another brush line but significantly more expensive than Crown. They have a NARS Yachiyo dupe for those looking for a less expensive version. The brushes I did try felt fabulous.

* Inglot- this was one of the lines I was most excited about! They are hard to come by in the States but do have a store in the city (1529 Broadway @ 45th). The line is vast and you can either make your own palette (called the Freedom System) or buy from a separate set of products a la carte. Since the wait for making your own palette was oven an hour, I went with the latter option and bought a deep dark brown/plum shadow to use as an eyeliner and a fabulous summery pink with a hint of coral liquid lipstick from the line's Sleeks CREAM Lip Paint collection. Everything is extremely reasonably priced and as far as I could tell, wonderful quality. They have gorgeous, dewy cream blushes and liquid blushes in glass bottles with pumps, the texture of which seemed far superior to Make Up For Ever's. I am definitely going to visit their store for one of them. The shadow was $9 and the Lip Paint $8. It turns out the store is 2 blocks from my office and I never realized it existed. The majority of their outlets are in Australia, though all products are made in the EU. They also have a "breathable" nail polish but I couldn't get nail that display.

* Iredale Mineral Cosmetics- the Jane Iredale line most of us have seen before. They didn't have the full collection, just the new items (which looked very warm and very pretty) and a foundation kit.

* JAO- hand sanitizer. I'm fine with my CVS brand. I remember this line being sold on QVC eons ago.

* Kett Cosmetics- an airbrush line. I couldn't believe how many lines were selling air brush machines.

* Korres- the Lip Butters will be available in stick form in August! I love them put hate the idea of stickig my fingers into the pots over and over.

* L’Oreal- they gave out the most amazing gift bags and had the entire HiP line to try but not buy. I still haven't forgiven them for my hair debacle and wish the new eye lash serum was paraben-free, but the swag was the most generous there.

* Lord & Berry- I used to buy this at Harmon as a high schooler! With all of the other reasonably priced brands there I didn't give this one much attention.

* Luminess Air- more airbrush.Not only were many lines offering a system, many were being purchased.

* MAC Cosmetics- just some Pro items. They were body painting models all day and doing the most amazing job. I heard several people remark that they had no idea the "clothes" the models were wearing were really just makeup!

* Mai Couture- bronzers and blushes in blotting paper format. I haven't decided if it's gimmicky or a great idea.

* Makeup Mania- just a small booth. They offered a discount code for their new website.

* Make Up For Ever- holy moly the line! It was wrapped around the Pavillion the entire time. You had to wait just to get near the products let alone purchase. They were offering a 40% discount which explains it I suppose.

* Mehron- I've heard raves for the cream blushes but none of the shades appealed to me, especially after seeing Inglot. Also some neat looking cream shadows.

* Model in a Bottle- several different sprays for setting makeup.

* Myrabelle Products- this line offers a mascara shield to prevent mascara for getting on the lids during application.

* Naked Cosmetics- pigments and mixing solutions.

* Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics- nails polishes, Lip Tars, more airbrushing!

* RICKY’S NYC - Mattese Elite- this line is sold a Ricky's, a drugstore chain in NYC. It's good quality and well priced. They only had the basics with them but the line is much more extensive in store.

* Senna Cosmetics- 20% discount and Eugenia was there. It wasn't the whole line, just a few display units. They were offering free glosses and li liners but since they weren't shades I'd wear, I'd pass. I ws tempted but abstained.

* shu uemura- I was surprised to see them offering both the hair and color collections since they are pulling the color line from US distribution (it will still be available on their website). The booth was never as crowded as some of the others.

* Smashbox- offered Smashbox "Pro" items which were basically kits containing existing products, but at great prices.

* Temptu PRO- more airbrushing!

* Three Custom Color Specialists- select items from the line. I love this line and wish it garnered more acclaim. I wonder if it's another one hurt by their choice of name? Everything I've tried has been wonderful. I believe this discount was 30%

* Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics- one of the original mineral lines. Their glosses have a great texture but I couldn't find a shade I liked. I find this to be a well-edited, sophisticated line and would definitely pick u a lipstick or blush in the future, particularly to mix with my Geri G Mixer. I typically find loose powder blushes messy but this would solve the issue.

I'm very happy with everything I purchased (including the overpriced $8 slice of vegetable quiche from the concession). I am having some slight regrets about not getting the Eve Pearl Bronzing Trio and more Inglot. I'm going to have to make a pilgrimage there soon, on a day when I can take my time and will not be bumped and banged and elbowed by other eager shoppers. I'll post pictures of my haul as soon as possible! Darn Amazon taking their sweet time shipping my camera! I'd expect the crowds to be much thinner tomorrow given that it's a week day and many people will be a work. It may be an ideal time to go if you're on the fence.


  1. I can't wait to see pictures of what you got!

  2. This is a terrific write up. I really enjoyed it. I can't wait to hear more about Inglot - you've got me wanting that line now.

  3. Thanks, Marcia! The Inglot review is coming up soon, I promise!

    WillWorkForMakeup, my new camera just got here today so be on the lookout for pictures!

  4. Lawd have mercy, Mizz Scarlett! I had to use mah fan just readin' your review! Seriously though, great write up and major kudos to you for having the tenacity to do the event...I did it once and was exhausted for days afterward. But it is heaven indeed! SusanW

  5. Thanks, Susan! It was exhausting but fun!

  6. Great review Susan! It would be great if you could have some reviews about airbrush thinner.



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