Monday, May 17, 2010

Blush "Tweets"

I don't Tweet. Partly because my life is incredibly normal and boring and no one cares what I had for breakfast or when I'm heading to the gym, and partly because I would be creeped out if someone did know or care what I had for breakfast or when I'm heading to the gym. I work in a cubicle--I'm fine with preserving a little mystery when I can.

Nonetheless, there are times, like now, when I have a few quick, "tweet-like" tidbits to share. I popped into bluemercury on my way home this afternoon (after buying two Levain Bakery cookies for dinner) and got to check out some new releases. Since blushes are my weakness, I was focused on them.

Bobbi Brown Beach Shimmerbrick- way too dark and bronzy for me. This would probably require a skunk brush and very light application on fair skin like mine.

NARS Multiple Tint in Turks & Caicos- a hideous day-glo orange in the tube, this gel tint is a super sheer but very bright coral on the skin. A pretty and pleasant surprise.

T. LeClerc Blush in Brun Voile- would make a gorgeous, subtle bronzer. A rosy as opposed to orange undertone.

NARS Orgasm Illuminator- I've heard many complain that this is too sheer, but I'm so fair that it was more than enough color, and has a distinct bronze tone and shimmer unlike the namesake powder blush and Multiple. It's a pretty blend of translucent pink, peach, bronze and gold that's perfect for summer.


  1. Oh, I'm a total blusher babe! (well, perhaps not a babe, but definitely a blusher person :)) I'm so dying to get my hands on some Nars Multiple Tints, I'd love to get all three to be honest, but I think that would be kind of excessive! I still haven't made up my mind about which one to go for...I actually thought these were online exclusives too...must have got it wrong! I like BB Shimmer Bricks, but I only ever wear them on my eyes! And yeah, I'm Twitter-free too, I get tired answering text messages on my mobile, I think I'd be terrible at twittering! xx

  2. Hey Sb! I've never been to Bluemercury... what's the store like? Do you enjoy shopping there? Maybe I'll check it out the next time I'm in the city! Did you end up getting any of these products?

  3. Sigh- I like your idea of dinner.

  4. Hi, Anna! We have the Tints in store here--hopefully you'll get them too. They are the kind of thing that should be tried in person first since they are very sheer and very bright.

    Lakshmi, I really like bluemercury. A good selection of products and they seem to get new releases before anyone else.

    Ammie, the cookies are amazing! Levain should be a required stop for all NYC visitors!

  5. Blush is my must-have, my go to (along with red lippie). The Nars multiples don't do it for me (I prefer the Nars compacts, like the one you recently gave me). Origins makes a tiny tube of concentrated sheer blush wash that does quite nicely as a base...I top that with Nars or Becca and I'm just in the pink (or whatever). SusanW



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