Sunday, May 23, 2010

Manicure of the Week

If you've been reading my Manicure of the Week posts since the beginning, this shade might look familiar since it's appeared here previously. Nonetheless, I love it so much it bears repeating! This is Rococo Nail Apparel in Dollar, an opaque, highly metallic silver with shimmer. It goes on easily, lasts decently well, is Big 3 free and a somewhat ridiculous $16.50 (yes, the price has gone up since the line debuted). This shade is in the Molten Lava formula and I think that give s a pretty good indication of how the polish appears in the bottle and on the nails. You can purchase Rococo at SpaceNK in the US and UK. I haven't seen it sold anywhere else and recommend checking it out since the line features many unique shades.


  1. That looks so pretty on you. Where is Space NK in NY btw?

  2. Thanks! There are 4 in NYC--Greene St in Soho, 70th and Columbus on the UWS and one in each Bloomindgales.

  3. Very nice, I love the look, perfect for summer! I was in Nordies on Union Square this weekend and picked up a very similar shade of polish (they have some interesting makeup and treatments discounted). Can't recall the name of the line but a very nice range of colors, this one among them. SusanW

  4. That is such a pretty color.



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