Friday, March 25, 2011

Two Tarte Disappointments

I remember when Tarte cosmetics first premiered at Bergdorf Goodman years ago. I had a makeover and bought a ridiculous number of products, and continued to purchase and for the most part love everything. The last 2 items I've used, however, have not fallen into the 'love' category. The first is the 'natural' iteration of their Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara. I used this several years ago, back when it was chock full o' chemicals and liked it. It's now free of parabens, pthalates et al, and bored with how quickly my beloved Korres mascara dries up, I purchased the Tarte.

I get nice length and thickness from it, especially over their mascara primer, but boy oh boy is this flake city! I've had two coworkers (including a guy) come over and that my face was covered in black flakes it was so bad. One close friend, unprompted and out of the blue, said "whatever mascara you've been using lately--stop." Lesson learned. I tossed it and rebought the Korres.

Check back later to learn about the second Tarte product that's fallen short for me recently, the newly released Amazonian Clay Shimmer Powder.


  1. LOL thank goodness for honest friends :) Thanks for the honest review!

  2. yikes so sorry about your experience with Tarte. Better luck next time.

  3. oh wowwww. That's AWFUL. I agree with GothamPolish though. Honesty friends. Bless them. Black flakes all over one's face? NOT a cute look.

    Have a great one! x

  4. well yea the advertisements were a bit of a sales talk just for viewers to purchase the item. But if you listen to there feedback's then it's a different story.

  5. I realize this is a really old post, but I feel like we are mascara-compatible. I used to love Korres and tarte mascaras. After I couldn't find Korres anymore, I started trying all the "less toxic" options: Jane Iredale, Josie Maran, eco Nvey, Physicians Formula Organics, and probably more I'm forgetting. I have JUST FINALLY found a great, safer mascara and it may surprise you, it's from Beautycounter. The brush is great. It's lengthening. It stays on. It builds. Definitely check it out. :)



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