Friday, March 19, 2010

Mally Beauty

I've seen the Mally Beauty line at Henri Bendel on many occasions and was never tempted by it, and I've seen it presented on QVC multiple times and had no interest, yet last weekend I found myself ordering a QVC One Time Only kit online, acting quickly lest it sell out! This is the danger of staying home on a Saturday night instead of going out with your friends and being completely overstressed at work.

The kit arrived yesterday and I got to play with it today. The products confirmed my initial reaction to the line--nothing earth-shattering, nothing I'd crave in the future--but the quality is fine and the price was right. For $31 and change (almost $42 after shipping and taxes) I received:
  • powder blush in Mally's Glow, a warm pink with shimmer
  • eye shadow in Mally's Glow, a bronze shimmer
  • liquid lipstick in Mally's Look, a midtoned pink
  • eye liner in Midnight, black
  • mascara in black
  • the most hideous pink makeup bag
Mally waxed poetic about her line's lasting power but I found it standard--the liner had smudged a bit under my eyes and the mascara had flaked some. The gloss has a nice non-sticky texture and good shine but a fake/sweet smell and the powder products have good pigment and went on nicely. The overall look was flattering and nice for Spring, but for some reason I just can't get too enthusiastic. To me the line is missing the "something special" or cache of some others and doesn't seem sophisticated. I also really dislike how oversized the packaging is since the added bulk makes storage difficult. It was a good value, priced what would likely have been equivalent to drinks and cab fare had I actually gone out instead of staying in and shopping online and so I guess I came out even!

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