Friday, January 14, 2011

Mini Duane Reade Haul

I've said it before--I am not a drugstore girl. I love the feeling of plunking down my Amex at a high end department store and walking out with a tiny, fancy bag of overpriced, gilded treasures. However, I've spent way too much already this week and was having the kind of day that only a purchase could fix (believe me, I tried 2 glasses of wine first) so I headed to Duane Reade, my local drugstore (followed by Tasti D-Lite for a Snickers topped with Butterfinger) and came home with these guys:
NYC Blushable Creme Stick in Plaza Pink, Prevail Nail Lacquer in Concrete Jungle, Brucci Nail Hardener in Johnny's Girl. Grand total: $13.42 (plus $5 for the ice cream. It is NYC after all).
Concrete Jungle is a lavender shimmer with holographic microglitter. Johnny's Girl is the ubiquitous semi-sheer light pink.
I'd read that Plaza Pink is a peachy pink with golden shimmer, but it's definitely a soft baby pink with silver pearl to me. That's the other reason I shy away from drugstore makeup--you can't try before you buy. This seems a bit too cool for me so I'm glad it was only $3.99. Here it is compared to my only other drugstore item, which just so happens to be a NYC Blushable Creme Stick in Big Apple Blush.
Big Apple Blush (left) and Plaza Pink (right):

I'm waiting on several items in the mail. Hopefully this will hold me off until they arrive!


  1. I had that NYC in my hand when I was wasting time at the drugstore but because I couldn't tell exactly what it would look like I didn't buy it. I love the look of Big Apple though but never could find it.

  2. I have both of those blushes, sadly they sit in my drawer lonely.... I love the look of that lavender polish- I just bought one that's similar from Sinful Colors. Enjoy your new pretties. x



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