Saturday, January 29, 2011

Armani Beauty Spring Collection 2011 Eye Pencil

When I initially spied the Armani Spring Transluminence Collection at Saks, I completely ignored the 3 eye pencils included. To me, they looked like basic brown, black and green pencil liners, and while I don't think I need another brown liner, I was certain I had no use for a $27+tax one. Well folks, I was wrong. While the shades are not spectacular, the texture and formula certainly is. These glide on like no other liner I've tried--almost like a liquid or gel but with the ease of use of a pencil liner--and set for all day wear. You have a minute of so of smudge time but once this baby dries, it's on for the long haul! It lasted through both snow and a workout with nary a smear, flake, or fade. The brown has a very subtle shimmer when applied as well. Despite my initial hesitation, I am going to pick up the green as well. I purchased mine from Bloomingdales, but Saks also has the collection if you're looking to pick it up in person. Online, it's available at Nordstrom.


  1. OH NO! I should have NEVER READ THIS!!!

    I'm so lemming this pencil now!

    x jeanie

  2. Jeanie, you need this! It really is amazing!

  3. I've talked myself out of this so I'm pretending I didn't read this.



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