Friday, January 7, 2011

Chantecaille Wind Blush

If you've noticed that many of my posts lately have been about blush,'re right. I go through phases--sometimes I'm obsessed with lipsticks or eyeliners or nail polish--and now it's blush. To me, nothing makes a winter weary face look better than a swipe of cheek color, but I'd been feeling as though my summer pop-of-color blushes were a bit bright on my ghostly pallor. Enter Chantecaille Wind. This blush is pale but pigmented, if that makes any sense. You don't need to apply much or layer for the color to show, but the shade itself is subtle. Just enough to add a peachy neutral warmth without screaming makeup. Chantecaille blushes are expensive at $28, but the formula is lovely. In fact, the only blush I've ever actually finished completely was another Chantecaille in the shade Silk.


  1. That looks so soft and pretty. I bet it's great on you.

  2. I've never hit pan on a blush before either. I've never tried Chantecaille, but this color looks very pale and pretty!

  3. I agree. Chantecaille blushes are the best. The impart a really nice lit from within glow.



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