Friday, November 26, 2010

Mini Aveda Haul

I did way to much shopping for my own good this Black Friday. One of my favorite things about going home to visit my parents is spending time at The Mall at Short Hills, "my" mall growing up. Imagine all of the lovely, wonderful, high end stores you'd love to have gathered in one place without any of the "filler" stores like Piercing Pagotas and Game Stop. I rarely venture into Aveda but wanted to stop in and see if anything. I found myself leaving with their loose Comforting Tea and a Lip Shine in Juneberry.

I love the Aveda tea for the evenings. It's caffeine free and is one of the very few teas that has a natural sweetness to it so it doesn't require sugar. It's perfect for when you're craving a snack but don't want the calories. They say it contains licorice root and peppermint but I'm a die-hard anise/fennel hater and do not find this licoricey at all. I find $24 to be expensive to tea but you only need a teaspoon at a time so it should last quite a while.

I so did not need another lip gloss but this Lip Shine called to me. It has the signature Aveda scent that I love in a non-sticky, all natural formula with fruit and vegetable extracts to provide anti-oxidant protection. The shade, Juneberry, is a little different for me but not so far out of my comfort zone that I won't wear it. It's a deep, blushy, just plummier than natural lip shade with a hint of sparkle and a translucent formula. Very pretty on it's own or over lip pencil.

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  1. When I lived in NJ, I loved the Short Hills mall.



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