Thursday, November 25, 2010

L'Occitane Fleur Cherie Makeup Collection

When L'Occitane released their Peony fragrance line in the spring, it was accompanied by a complementary capsule makeup collection. Though the fragrance remained part of the line, the cosmetics disappeared. With the debut of the new Fleur Cherie products for the holiday season L'Occitane has again released a small group of makeup that will only be sticking around for a limited time.

The fragrance and shades are not exactly reminiscent of the season. The fragrance is a light floral and the makeup in shades of coral, rose and pink. Even the peach and white packaging connotes spring in my opinion. Nonetheless, some of the products are lovely, particularly the sheer coral lipstick I picked up, Corail Brocart. The lipstick is semi-sheer and quite smooth and moisturizing. It contains orange blossom extract, ostensibly for softness. The packaging is a paper tube evocative of the early Stila lipsticks and the lipstick itself has a light, non-offensive fragrance. There are 5 shades from which to choose t $14 each, though my store only had 3.

Other products include a highlight powder a la Guerlain Meteorites (image below. This item had already sold out at my local boutique), blush duos, eye shadows, a lip gloss compact, eye liners and wand-style glosses. Again, while the website has 5 shades available for purchase, my boutique had only 2 remaining. You view the full collection online or stop by your local shop to see them in person for a limited time!


  1. The L'Occitane lipstick looks so pretty but I'm sure I'd find it difficult to wear that brand. It looks very you though.

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