Sunday, February 27, 2011

Taupe Craze!

I had vowed no more eye shadows, but I stopped into the Lancome boutique today and stumbled upon the new Color Design Eye Brightening All In One 5 Shadow Palette and Liner Palettes ($48). Taupe Craze was just too pretty to leave without! These shadows are unbelievably smooth and pigmented and extremely high quality. Lancome doesn't get nearly enough love, and these will make a convert out of the skeptical. I purchased Brush 8 ($26.50) to use with it. Technically a concealer brush, this tapered taklon number is what the makeup artist recommended to use. It deposits pigment well and has a sharp enough edge to use as a liner brush as well.


  1. so pretty. universally flattering colors. i think lancome makes some of the most nicest palettes. thanks for sharing

  2. I saw this at the mall yesterday and really wanted to buy it but passed. I will be making a trip back tomorrow with this puppy in my hands.
    The colors are beautiful!



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