Thursday, September 24, 2009

My Favorite Mistake

Whenever a beauty magazine publishes a 'don't' list, one of the items is invariably "don't match your eye shadow to your eye color." The makeup powers-that-be have decreed that contrasting colors (plum if you have green eyes, amber if blue, etc) are the most flattering, but I happen to love green eye shadows and eye liners on my green eyes! To me, green is less harsh than black, more interesting than brown and really does showcase my eyes! I'm not always looking for contrast. Sometimes a soft smoulder or subtle definition is what I'm after, and I turn to my greens. Do you wear shadows and liners that match your eye color? What other makeup 'rules' do you break?

Here are some of my favorite green liners (click to enlarge):
  1. Laura Geller Baked Cakes Eye Liner in Dark Green Apple (part of the Key Lime/Dark Green Apple Duo)
  2. Laura Geller Baked Cakes Eye Liner in Key Lime (part of the Key Lime/Dark Green Apple Duo)
  3. Bobbi Brown Forest Shimmer Ink
  4. Redpoint Optic Effects Pencil (swirls of pearl, light and dark greens)
  5. Lancome Artliner in Star Shower
  6. Urban Decay 24/7 Liner in Stash
  7. Jouer Pencil Eye Liner in Vert
As far as green shadows go, my favorite shadow is the ever-elusive Lancome Erika F. Lancome does not distribute this shade in the states, but it is available to Americans via, which is where I purchased both my Erika F single and the Lancome Colour Focus Palette in Escapade Champetre, which contains the shade as well.
In addition to the glorious grayed green taupey sprakle of Erika F (bottom left corner), there is a very pale greenish white, a gorgeous shimmered emerald and a murky bronze green. The shades all work beautifully together or on their own. The Erika F single seems to go in and out of stock often and is well-worth looking out for. It is truly unique.


  1. The laura geller eyeliner duo is beautiful...I am going to dig that up for sure (lining eyes with brush is the only makeup skill I somewhat mastered...)

    If you like green liner, you might want to give Stila smudge pot Jade, a golden olive green that's not too brown (there is a shadow in with the same name as well, equally pretty) I like it quite a bit.



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